01 Overview of the Personal Journey


An Overview Of Widgets And Need To Balance Them.



The brain has a feedback loop that runs over and over in our minds and changes as we experience more of the outside world and of the inner world we live in. The first stage is our perceptions, our senses. The next stage is our emotional reaction to the perceptions. We fear or get curious to what we perceive. We want to run away or approach. You can easily see these reactions in babies or animals. They approach a new object slowly and either jump back or smell some more.

The third stage is to explore the object more, maybe play with it as a cat does a mouse or a baby with toys, and decide what to do next. In humans this can be a methodical or habitual, religious, philosophical, or scientific analysis of the object or situation and our ability to handle it. The final stage is to do something, to use our tools and resources or to gain more skills and habits to deal with it. The older we or the animals get usually the better equipped they are to deal with it.

With each turn of the feedback loop we change, for the better or worse, each stage. We may begin to look for certain pleasant things, habitually change our emotional reactions, change our thinking about it, and improve our actions. This process improves or our freewill. If we perceive less, react badly emotionally, think unrealistically, and act dysfunctional

I use animals to depict each stage of this Upper Nature process and call them Widgets. Ant and Bee see details and patterns, Macho scary cat and the loving dog Cuddles are emotions, wise blue bird Geru, and Patient Turtle works with Energetic Rabbit for functional behaviors. When there is imminent danger our brain falls into our primitive survival mode, I call it our Lower Nature. The four steps change in function. The first step is deceptive Spiedie, the second selfish Raccoon, the third is blaming Crow, and the fourth aggressive Coyote. They help us to lie, cheat, blame, and fight for survival.

A model functioning person’s widgets are all about the same size, but the Upper Nature ones are a bit bigger than the Lower Natures without danger. We can say they are balanced. There are no really big widgets interfering with the function of the others. But in the real world all widgets are of varying sizes depending on Genetics, experiences, beliefs, and habits and skills. If the widgets are unbalanced. One person may see a lot, feel little or too much, think negatively, and be aggressive. If the widgets are unable to cooperate in a functional way they need to be balanced.

Lets add to the above eleven widgets two more. Mr/Ms Do will be our consciousness. I shaped Mr/Ms Do body parts according how much we use them. This makes our mouths, hands, and feet really big but our limbs small. Mr/Ms Do coordinates the Upper Nature widgets and so is usually bigger than them in a well-balanced person. Dragon runs the Lower Nature and should be a bit smaller than Mr/Ms Do. We can call him an alter ego.

I have pictured the body as a blue mannequin named Myself. All the widgets dwell in the head but will walk around for cartoon purposes to help explain the journey. The journey is the struggles Myself has with balancing his widgets while going through life coordinating with or confronting other’s widgets. Other’s widgets can be individuals or groups (group widgets).





02 Overview of Four Steps of the Brain

How Widgets Act and Interact




Without danger the Upper Nature is the first responder. Like an Ant and Bee our Curiosity sends us on the search for resources. Like Macho scaredy cat we are cautious fearing  danger. Like Cuddles the loving dog our love of food, resources, or others keeps us going. We think about what we sense and feel and then plan on what to do next to find happiness. As we go, like patient Turtle, we grab our Energetic Rabbit, energy, and start to carefully build or change our situations to better succeed. All these widgets work together sharing their data so they can  better observe, motivate, research, and build skills.

The Lower Nature has a different story. In case of danger, the LN will Deceive, be selfish, blame the perpetrator and justify the fight. If there is perceived danger, the Lower Nature is faster than the Upper Nature. That way we can quickly avoid the tiger or other predators. But in modern society we have few such predators other than unseen germs. Or the predators are other humans, that may actually be safe but not seem so. Depending on our personality disorders we may be paranoid, or over-anxious, or afraid, or overwhelmed by many things from over sensitive or flashbacks from the childhood trauma.

Our Lower Nature can be confused and over active. Boredom can make us miserable. We are not perceiving enough stimulus, low feelings, few thoughts, or no action and we may turn to our Lower Natures to ramp things up, cause problems, or create negative reactions to avoid the boredom.







Widgets fill our bodies with curious, loving, creative, soothing, or energetic neurotransmitters or with the vile of fearful, deceptive, selfish, blaming, or revengeful neurotransmitters, or a little of all. To find tranquility and renewed energy, thoughts, feelings, or sensual well-being, one has to stop the flow of the unhappy or depressed perceptions, feelings, thoughts, or actions. Our Mr/Ms Do, our Consciousness, has to make choices to alter our brain stages to turn Myself, our body, back to tranquility.03Emotions

As our widgets act and interact neurotransmitters bath our brains to set our moods. If we are bored and have no emotions we are in a boring state like a desert. Emotions from addictive chemicals or activities can be so overwhelming that they stamp out our natural neurotransmitters and leave us in a desert thirsting for better emotions. These neurotransmitters affect the body putting us in an energetic curiosity, relaxed sense of well-being, heighten sense of danger, anger, the list goes on and on depending on the combination of transmitters.




Mr/Ms Do, our consciousness steps in to direct the show to fit the environment. Mr/Ms Do is sort of a memory of what the brain just perceived, felt, thought, and plan to act on and will make a choice, by comparing the present events with the past events and future events and possibilities, keeping in mind the most urgent needs of present self in relation to the environment. Without consciousness the widgets could go in circles or create false realities, much like when you dream. Dreams just do not fit the immediate needs and environment of the body. Its wild experiences seem to dissipate without choices needing to be made.









Mr/Ms Do will give instructions to all the widgets as to what or how to perceive, feel, think, and do to match the current situation. Dragon, our alter ego, wants to have more fun, or may feel danger that perhaps with other solutions are not dangerous.



03 Overview of Personality, Glitches, and Disorders

Eight Natural Personality Types

Basic Personality Types

If one Widget dominates it will drag the other widgets in the direction it wants to go. The second most dominant widget will accompany, temper, or modify that direction.

In some of my psychotoons I use eight child characters to represent the eight most common personality types.

Widgets can be smaller or larger than normal because of genetics, brain injuries, beliefs, or learned from trauma. Genetics and injuries are usually very consistent over time and situations where learned perceptions, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors can vary a lot. No one is destined to bad behavior because of their widgets, but it can make social appropriate behavior harder to obtain. I am presenting them with Psychotoons to give you a better working knowledge so you can better cognitively understand them.

Edgar is what we commonly call a nerd. His Dominant Ant looks for details while his large patient Turtle helps him patiently do that. This is basically genetics. His ability to see the bigger picture, Geru, may also be genetic. In the process his Macho fear and Cuddles love are being subdued or ignored. Because of this his Lower Nature may find it easier to act out. They are not anti-social but non-social. The smaller Geru finds it harder for Mr/Ms Do Consciousness to process through and dismiss the trauma or social criticism that comes with lack of natural social skills. And if fear is large, and without Mr/Ms Do and Geru to process, they may be a bit paranoid. They tend to the loyal type.

Ragde is Edgar’s Lower Nature counterpart. He is a bit of a nerd but with a larger energetic Rabbit. This may be due to his Lower Nature being larger and commandeering his Rabbit to join Coyote’s aggression. Also, perhaps, from childhood neglect and his learned behavior of lying or deceiving others has made reality blurred. Therefor his Mr/Ms Do is smaller than his Dragon.

Molly is the emotional one. Her Macho Fear, Cuddles Love, and Wise Geru are large enough to be able to process situations and trauma and therefore Mr/Ms Do Consciousness is larger and the Lower Nature and gang tend to be smaller. Their reasoning is better connected to their empathy. Therefor they tend to be more sociable and less deceptive, less selfish, less blaming, and less aggressive. All of these can be altered by bad experiences. Many gang members started out with this personality type but their large energetic Rabbits, usually genetics, and their Lower Natures have grown from trauma, either from childhood experiences or experiences from gang behaviors and experiences. They become negative manipulators.

Charlotte is Molly’s Lower Nature Counterpart. She is emotional but her emotions are directed towards herself, she is self-centered. Her Lower Nature has subdued her Upper Nature, probably from childhood neglect, abuse, or negative belief systems that devalue her. Gang behaviors or being the victim of human trafficking or such belief systems can have this effect.

Sue is more of an Intellectual and ignores her fear and love thus making her Mr/Ms Do Consciousness smaller. Generally speaking, their Lower Nature is subdued with thinking. But if blaming Crow is large from trauma or negative beliefs, the person may be pointing the finger. If their fear is large too, well, paranoia might lead to conspiracy theories.

Destiny is Sue’s Lower Nature Counterpart. She is on the intellectual side but a blamer and see’s life as driven by Lady Luck. Her perceptive Ant and Bee can be keen but look for the deceptive and negative. Her Dragon is bigger than he Mr/Ms Do Consciousness.

George is the typical all boy, energetic and loving sports. His Rabbit is large. But as long as most other is normal his Mr/Ms Do Consciousness will be healthy and social. Boys in particular may have a slightly larger Lower Nature than girls giving them the mischievous streak that boys tend to have.

Larry is George’s Lower Nature Counterpart. He is energetic and driven but to fight. His Lower Nature is larger than his Mr/Ms Do Consciousness so rather than being mischievous he is aggressive. This is probably from childhood trauma. But Psychopaths, low or no empathy or fear and impulsive, can be genetics. That does not in itself destin them to aggressive behavior. A psychopath with a healthy raising can get a job that requires no fear and is risky, such as being an astronaut.

Together all the above characters in a group make up a fairly normal group personality if the Lower Nature kids do not dominate.



Personality disorders are diagnosed when one’s behavior remains biased and to the detriment of self and others under the usual pressures of socialization, even when they try to conform. There are some biological limitations, learned emotional dysfunction, learned beliefs, and habitual or addicted actions that can contribute to their biased behaviors. Everyone is different. I will go over briefly sixteen recognized behaviors that we label as personality disorders. Remember nothing is written in stone. A diagnosis is a hypothesis about the pattern of people’s behaviors.


We need a model of what is normal to compare with the disorders to show how they differ. An average normal person has healthy Upper Nature that they operate from most of the time. Their widgets are about the same size. When no widget dominates the others they tend to cooperate better and can act quickly without having to compensate for the biased behavior of the dominant ones or lack of help from the weak ones. The Upper Nature, Mr/Ms Do and crew are stronger or larger than the Lower Nature, Dragon and gang. The strength or size of any widget is a product of genetics, learned, beliefs, and habits and addictions.

Freewill is defined by this model as the size of Mr/Ms Do, the consciousness and crew’s ability to do what is needed or right without biases deterring or sabotaging your efforts.   Freedom is not the ability to blindly do what you want when you want no mater how it affects you or others, but the ability to do what you want when you want by staging your widgets to meet your needs in a situation without putting yourself and others in danger.

08NURD copy

Nerds are basically left brain people who are usually not too social, and patiently work on monotonous details such as computer games. So their Ant and Turtle are usually large and as is their self-centered Raccoon. A large Crow and small Geru can predispose them to blame others and love fantasy or sci-fi. Because their Mr/Ms do is smaller their alter-ego Dragon often says what it wants when it wants without consideration of how it affects others. People labeled nerds may be in the Aspergers Syndrome, mild autism. Extra socializing can cut back a bit on the self centeredness. But abuse can aspirate it.

11Pasive Agg copy

People listed as Nerds are often passive aggressive as they are very passive and do not know how to be socially assertive. In that case genetics plays a part. But anyone who lets their Dragon rule and refuse to help others while acting innocent of their neglect can be called passive aggressive. A person who believes they can ‘say it as it is’ without considering the affect on others can be a harsher form of passive aggressive edging on aggressive. This is often learned from being abused. They are very defensive, protecting their beliefs at the expense of others. You can say almost anything to others without hurting them if you take the time to figure out how.


ADD is genetic or brain injury. Ant and Bee are too small. They are not perceiving as much as they should. If energetic Rabbit is large they may be ADHD which is ADD and hyperactive. Hyperactivity can be the brains response to create more stimulation as Ant and Bee are not providing it. But the hyperactivity can be genetics or from injury short-circuiting the brain. ADHD may be mild bipolar. The causes of such behaviors are not that evident.


Paranoid behavior has a large fear at its base. Anyone can have too much anxiety or fear but we do not call it paranoia unless they are blaming other. Paranoia could be learned but more often comes from the brain injury. It can be their at birth. When the brain is not seeing the cause of its own fear it can imagine sources, and those sources usually involve other’s influence that is fantasy.

13LOVE DEP copy

Dependent people often have a huge love attraction to others and feel helpless without the other returning their love. They often feel helpless to do things on their own without the approval of the love object. Woman, by nature of being emotionally love oriented, tend to be more dependent on their love objects. Nature put this in place so they would not abandon their children or the male in their life that made them safer from the predators of the world. This tendency can be aspirated by not having been taught how to be more independent. Men with a lot of anxiety can fall into his category and even become stockers when they are too insecure to live without their love object. Above I have not made fear large as many are not feeling fear but are driven by their need for love. But Macho Fear can be a main player.


Every conscious decision is made by self adoration. Raccoon and Crow, self-centered and fantasy, plays a big part. They have a lot of energy directed to this endeavor. They may or may not be deceptive or aggressive, just oblivious to others. We are all a bit narcissistic, and need to be so we are not taken advantage of by other narcissistic people. So I have made Mr/Ms Do large. But if the Lower Nature gets larger from abuse, neglect, or injury then Mr/Ms Do shrinks and Dragon grows as does Dragon’s gang.


Everyone loves to hear about Psychopaths. The Lower Nature, Dragon and gang are definitely in control. Mr/Ms Do and crew are all weak, except energetic Rabbit who is large and joins the Lower Nature’s capers. The defining feature is the lack of empathy and lack of fear, the two widgets that help us monitor others, empathy to feel their emotions and fear we may hurt them if we are not careful. The ability to read others gives us a guide as what to do for the well-being of others. Psychopaths have neither. Their freewill or Mr/Mr Do Consciousness  and crew is ruled by Dragon and gang. This disorder can be genetically low on fear and love with impulsive behaviors. But the size of the Lower Nature, Dragon and gang is more dependent on abuse or neglect as a child when the personality is developing.


The intellectual may be genetically predisposed to be a deep thinker, in other words, a large Geru. But it can be learned, a large Crow, and Crow just takes over. The smaller the Geru the smaller Mr/Ms Do and the larger Dragon gets as Crow grows. This personality disorder is probably mostly learned as Ant, Bee, Macho, and Cuddles shrink.


This disorder is basically genetic and so usually inherited. Much like a Nerd, Geru is smaller than Crow whose fantasy or view of reality is pervasive. They often are a bit Obsessive Compulsive about appearances being perfect to the point they are seen as vain and their  houses as gaudy. There seems to be an underlying anxiety that drives them to continue in their behavior even when it is hard on those around them making them appear self-centered with a large Raccoon and Crow, their world appearing unreal and fantasy to others.


This disorder is when the Dragon and gang, the Lower Nature is running amuck. Some may say it is a milder version of Psychopathic. The center crew of Mr/Ms Do, loving Cuddles, patient Turtle, and wise Geru are too small to stop the rampage.  But young guys, who are otherwise closer to normal, but feel they should fight the system, often run amuck and do stupid stuff. Those who do not outgrow this adolescent rebellion, which is an effort to be independent, and remain antisocial go on to cause many problems or crimes and are truly antisocial.


Schizophrenic people are not personality disordered, they are psychotic, their brain is not working properly enough to see reality. The disorder, I call Schizy but is usually called Schizoid, has some of the features of Schizophrenic but they tend to be functional enough to live on their own and engage is most human activities. They are not very sociable and tend to not interact a whole lot but are more detached. My hunch is that it is genetic or caused by brain problems from injury. They do not seem to see reality as most others see it. Their love is failing, they may have a lot of emotion but fear stops them. They tend to be shy.


This is another highly talked about disorder, probably because it is so dramatized. Villains in media often display this personality. It is very hard to define and varies a lot. It is labeled Borderline because it borders or has the characteristics of other personality disorders. If there is a common defining factor it is they find it hard to trust. Macho fear has knocked down their Cuddles love. Their sense of reality can be fanciful and dramatic, so Crow is large and wise Geru and Mr/Ms Do, Conscious choice of what works best, are small. The Lower Nature can be large, but they are often more aggressive to themselves then others, being suicidal not homicidal. When energetic Rabbit is large they may be the life of the party or if they get defensive the center of the fight.


A Sociopath is a Psychopath that has crossed the line and hurts others. Like a Psychopath, they have little empathy, small loving Cuddles, and are impulsive, as patient Tuttle is also tiny. So with no remorse and impulsive they do what they want when they want with disregard for others. In this picture I have made Macho fear and fantasy Crow large. It is as if they are delusional and fear others, not fear of hurting them, but fear of being hurt. They are often willing to hurt others for a fantasy cause.


The Manic stage of Bipolar occurs when the body’s salts are unbalanced and energetic Rabbit is going to fast for the rest of the Widgets to keep up. So wise Geru shrinks. I should have shown energetic Rabbit jumping up and down. Raccoon is large in the picture, not because the person is selfish but because they cannot relate to others as their thoughts are going to fast. Crow is not real large as they are not necessarily in a consistent  fantasy of odd beliefs, but more like a dream, they are putting reality together with no focus, but their thought are randomly leading the way. I have made conscious Mr/Ms Do larger than Dragon because they are not being ruled by their Lower Nature, and they can be functional until their thought are so fast they not longer see reality.

10ManicDep copy

A severe Bipolar Depression is a shut down of many widgets. They perceive their world enough to barely exist, they still have fear and love but that is not enough to have the energy to think things out, plan, and carry out in actions. They see themselves in a deceptive way, usually with little to no self esteem. How can they function well when almost all widgets are down.

18 OBB COM copy

Obsessive Compulsive is usually inherited. They are normal people, or they may have other Personality Disorders also. But it is better described as the widgets are going in circles. Most of us perceive something, feel we need to act, plan how, and carry through and then go on to the next task. They do the same thing but instead of going on to the next task and letting the last task be finished, they do it over and over until they are distressed or unable to go on to the next task.






04 Overview of Groups and Cities having Personalities, Glitches, and Disorders



With a leader or a common cause a group of people coordinate and combine their abilities together creating a group personality. In a city different agencies carry out the function of widgets such as perception of whats happening in the city is carried out by mass media that tells it as it is or pumps out false fantasy, emotions dealt with by counselors or not so well dealt with in taverns, beliefs by schools or churches or fans or cults or on and on groups, and activities by work, shops, armies, or factories. These groups affect the city politics and the lives of individuals.


A city will have an Upper Nature that works for the benefit of individuals and a Lower Nature that may operate underground, or illegally, and at the detriment of others, for profit. They can brew up all kinds of quick fix concoctions or products.




It is a statistical observation that if you randomly pick 44 people and test them for human traits, such as friendliness, courage, self-esteem, intelligence, happiness, depression, on and on and on, that you will get a normal curve just as you do with a hundred above, or thousands of people. The more people the more you will get who are very rare, as one in a thousand or one in a million. But is amazing that 44 randomly picked people will contain a sampling of most human traits from low to high without large gaps.




A leader, or very likable person that relates to everyone, tends to be just a bit to the right of the center average person, yet not too detailed nor too blind, not too fearful nor too stoic, not too loving nor too cold, too logical nor illogical, to patient nor not enough, not too bullish or too wimpy. This person can relate the best to all the others as they are not far from anyone in any trait so others relate easy to them, yet just a bit more dominant. It turns out that the dead average Joe is the best adjusted in relation to being realistic about others. Give them the slight edge on the best traits and they tend to be leaders.

Yes, but the extremes have their own charms, the geniuses of the world were not at the top of the pile but at the right edges. They find it harder to relate to others, especially if they are far down the ladder. And each individual has their own identity, and that is great. But then again, would it be nice if you could relate to everyone not just those in your spot. Would it be nice to at least be king of the mountain in a group of 44 people and get the group to follow you to complete a task you need done that requires all the talents. That is the power of a group.


05 Overview of Four Steps To Success

To Have A Chance At Success, A Person Needs To Strengthen The Four Steps Of The Upper Nature Of The Brain And Control And The Four Steps Of The Lower Nature, So It Does Not Interfere With the Upper Nature Unless There Is Real Danger.


Step one is perceiving the world as accurately as possible so not to be blind to opportunity. Statistical analysis is helpful, very simple statistics is all that is needed.

Relax, empty the mind, like Zen meditation. You want to clear your mind as you don’t know exactly what you are looking. If you are free of biases you can begin to see things not expected. Now that your mind is clear you want to be an Ethnographer.

Make a map of the area, rooms, main objects, or areas of the out-of-doors. Watch the movement of things and people. Take count on paper, literally, our memories are not as good as we think and they change with time. Paper and pencil has changed the world. As you take count of everything changing, how many different factors, cause and effect, can you see. Just blindly write them down and count the occurrences, when and where. Tally them up and look for patterns.

If you notice yourself playing old tapes of prejudices or other biases you need to say STOP. Lies and fantasies only entertain our angers and disappointments. Such scenarios are only for real dangers.


Fear has a place to protect us but we can have a quick trigger or exaggerated fear that freezes us and we become isolated or selfish in our outlook. Love of others can calm our fear or help us be empathetic and guide us to what we should do. If we are servants to each other life becomes easy. If not the resulting conflicts spell private wars. Love can calm fear.

Time to let go of all the emotional baggage from the past. Forgive people, they did what they thought was right for the time and the moment, and were sincere about it. If they did not do what works for themselves and others they are basically ignorant. We all are ignorant, none of us know it all. And if we knew exactly why someone did what they did at the time and moment we would see their pain and confusion and extend out helping hands.

Fear is from the unknown and possibilities of what may happen. As you observe more and learn more you will be able to predict more. Stability in life brings more confidence. You will also be better able to predict and plan better for the future. If the future does not pan out you will be better able to see why, what is, and what can still be.

Enjoy others more, watch them, interact with them, and laugh with them taking note of how you and they act, just as above keep track. Being self-centered means you have only one person on your team. To get others to support you will take threats or bribes. And then they may be fooling you more than you are fooling them. The love of others can be a much more reliable and satisfying experience. Networking is a plus. And if you care about others your empathy for them will guide you as to what needs to be done for them, otherwise you are only guessing.




When you hear yourself making lists of excuses and accusations against others it is time to stop and reassess your thinking. We all have strengths and weaknesses, they are not on purpose to irritate others. If we could be great, successful, and helpful we all would. We are either with and helping others or against them and causing war.

We can blame other for what goes wrong or we can perceive what the other perceives, how they feel, how they think, and what they may do. Take note as in Step One above. Thus we can better predict others behaviors, thoughts, emotions, and understand why they see, feel, think, and do. Then we can better plan how to do things with them. That helps in friendship, family, and team building. Other people and what they know is our best resource.

Now is a good time to look at our notes, on paper or in our heads, and check with Ant Bee, Macho, and Cuddles impression and research the Past, Present, and possible Future trends, and check with Turtle and Rabbit to what skills and schools may help to acquire.  Look at all the patterns, how do they  all fit into a theme or story line. If your story line is fairly correct it can be tested by changing something and see if you can predict what will happen. We do this with our kids a lot maybe even with other adults in the family, but not enough at work, or church, or other places where we may be more defensive and judgmental.

Look at what philosophy, religion, or science knowledge or beliefs you have that will help or hinder your thinking, so you can challenge or explore them to sharpen your cognitive tools. Look for cause and effect and predictability.

Get rid of addictions, as they contender your motivation which needs to be rewired to motivate more functional tasks.



If we have strengthened the first three steps of the Upper Nature the fourth step is easier as our consciousness can better perceive, be better motivated, see better paths to take according to opportunity, ethical  choices, and wise planing. If we are unable to do that our Dragon can deceive us with choices that seem to be successful but only lead us to selfishness or greed and end us up in jail or having wasted a lot of time and resources chasing dead ends with no happiness or meaningfulness.

Got an idea what needs to be done? Go for it. Risk a little, test the waters, check with Ant and Bee, Macho and Cuddles, ask Geru if it still fits in the plan and then patiently practice, practice, and practice. Get rid of any addictions that take away good perception, love, motivation, and energy to do whats intelligent and to the benefit of self and others.

Fighting means you felt you were unable to Flight, which means you Freaked, because you did not Freeze and observe, feel, research, and act appropriately. The wildest of wildcats can be tamed. Common courtesies are a consensus among many as to how to treat each other to stop aggression. But understanding and empathy for other is the best bet.