Read First: People are Robots

PEOPLE  are robots. I call the body ‘MYSELF,’ and the four main components of the mind (1-perceptual senses, 2-an emotional chip, a 3-computer, and 4-energy levels)  I refer to the mind as ‘ME.’ The components work together to make an efficient machine. But the parts do not always work well nor work well together. In order to get the parts to work better and to work together ‘I’ was invented, thats me, they call me Mr/Ms Do, many call me ‘consciousness.’ My job is to tinker with the components and keep them balanced so that ‘MYSELF’ is an efficient Robot capable of completing missions.

But my maker also included four identical components similar to the four above but these four are evil, they are considered part of ‘ME.’ They are 5-Deception, 6-Greed, 8-Blame, and 9-Aggression. To help them work together Dragon was created.  You could say Dragon is part of ‘I,’ my alter ego. So I have to keep control of the four good components, to help control the four evil components, to keep control of Dragon. In real danger I may need him and the evil components for survival purposes. Many call them the survival mode.

This can be quite a job because  each component changes from person to person and from one ‘SITUATION’ to another. And then I have to recalculate as to how to tinker with them all to get the balance back.

Take a look at the components, these guys can be real frisky or dead beats.

KEY to Widgets
We are all called Widgets

The cartoons to follow will show some of our conflicts and my struggles with them in situations.


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