05 Kids Story/ King and Dragon

Chapter 1 Our Story Begins With Dragons and Dragon Fighters



Dameon, The Dragon of the Land

The land of Nowhere can be anywhere, everywhere, or no where. In the land of Nowhere lives a large Dragon, Dameon. Beware and be good as this Dragon is fierce, does not care who he hurts. He whirls flames very where, and his shadow casts darkness on the land. His roars send children every where to hide under their covers as he stalks the land in the rain throwing his thunderous voice everywhere.


Dameon Scares Children

In the morning Grandpa was telling the kids that daylight chases Dameon away so there is nothing to worry about so do as you please.


Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 10.18.51 AM

‘No,’ instructed Grandma, ‘even in good weather and daylight Dameon and smaller dragons pillaged  the city. They fly over groups of people that are being bad, we call them Group Dragons.

BJTAKENLarry’s Dad and Uncle has taken Larry’s little sister BJ from her mother and BJ is very unhappy. Larry’s Dad and Uncle have a group Dragon, you can not see them until you enter the world of magic.’


Our story has 8 little heroes. Skinny Ragde, Our brunet Charlotte, Destiny with black hair, and Larry tend to be mischievous, they teased skinny blond headed Edgar, black haired Molly, blond headed Sue, and George so they have a group Dragon. Ragde, Charlotte, Destiny and Larry began to tease the others saying, ‘You are sissy kids, mama children, you are not tough like us. We are as tough as my dad, he owns the factory and kicks your parents butts. You are afraid of Dragons, we are not.’

‘Group Dragons grow as pocket dragons grow,’ said Grandma, ‘and pocket dragons grow when you tease and act up.’

‘Pocket Dragons?’ they all inquired.

‘Yes,’ continued Grandma, ‘every person has an even smaller dragon, a pocket


Pocket Dragons and The Group Dragon

dragon of their own because everyone can act mischievous or do things that others do not like such as lie, be greedy, blame or hit another.’


As Pocket Dragons Grow so Do Group Dragons

When  people let their  pocket dragons grow the group dragons grow larger and fiercer, as group Dragons grow Dameon also grows and people in the city grow afraid.



‘But,’ Grandma admonished, ‘just as everyone has a pocket dragon, they have a pocket Warrior when we are trying to do right. Remember you can not see them until you enter the world of magic.’

‘But,’ continued Grandma , ‘just as there are group dragons there are group Warriors.  All the warriors grow when we try to do right as a group. They will control the group dragon and pocket dragons.’

Ragde, Charlotte, Destiny, and Larry said to the other kids, ‘No way will you pansies ever control us. We are tough and you guys are weak. Our pocket dragons will keep our group Dragon stronger then your Pocket Warriors or our Group Warrior.’

‘How do you know?’ inquired Edgar, Molly, Sue, and George, ‘you can not see them.’

Grandma hesitated and the spoke again, ‘Remember you can not see them until you enter the world of magic. To enter the world of magic you must have a goal, a dream to aspire to.’


As Pocket Warriors Grow So Do Group Warriors

Grandma continued, ‘Larry, Molly, Sue, and Edgar try and do good things for others. As their pocket Warriors grow, their group Warrior will also grow.  As the group Warriors through out the land grow so does Empatha, the ultimate Warrior of the land, to fight Dameon.’


Our Warrior Consciousness Fights Dameon

“When the Warriors in Nowhere are not able to keep the Dragons in check’, continued Grandma, ‘everyone becomes afraid and it is up to us all to make sure our Warriors grow. When you try to do right the world becomes magical and you can do great things, that is if you try to do right.’

‘No, Grandma,’ said Ragde, Charlotte, Sue, and Larry, ‘We are tough. No pansy Warriors will ever beat us. We have more fun then they ever will. We enjoy teasing the others.’

Chapter 2 The Good King and The Evil King

ADULTS only to read blue to selves. In our story there are two worlds, that of the kids and that of their dragon’s and warriors. We will call the stories Reality and Fantasy. Type in Blue is not part of the story but is an adult explanation.  In reality George’s father was elected as Governor so he could make laws of fairness, so no one would be a bully tyrant. Parents can explain the reality of the story if they please. In Fantasy:

Because the Warrior Empatha, flew over the land to keep Dameon in line, s/he was elected King (Queen?), a good king, to make sure people followed the rules. When the people followed the rules the pocket Dragons shrank and all the Warriors grew. Everyone was happy as there was peace in the land.


All the great Warriors fought back Dameon and the land prospered. Dameon was unhappy, he wanted more, he wanted to fight back so he took Larry’s Dad’s factory and made it his factory, and in this factory he made an evil spell to mesmerize the people of the land. He put the spell on everything he made and sold. The people that bought his wares began to get apathetic and sat around and quit helping the good King in keeping rules that kept the land safe and free. As all the dragons grew so did Dameon and he again began to intimidate the people of the land to take away their freedom. When the people were too afraid and their Warriors shrank Dameon  made himself a King also, the Evil King.



To reverse the spell the Good Warrior King, Empatha, declared that the royal prince, her son, and the princess, daughter of the Evil Dragon King, were to get married. This would break the spell.

Dameon wanted to stop the marriage so one dark night Dameon stole his daughter from the prince and locked the princess in the highest Tower of his hidden Castle. No one could find her to rescue her.

In reality the people were  addicted to gadgets or substances made by Larry’s Dad’s Factory and were mesmerized and idle and led to believe that their tom foolery was benign.  People neglected to keep the laws in their favor. Interest groups changed the laws to the advantage of the big business tycoons who put down family values. Family values were needed to turn people from addiction to take responsibility again. But Advertisers will dispel the concept of family values and push for only addiction. Next pic not part of story unless you want to explain story meanings with kids.0D03Governor


Chapter 3 The Call For Help

The Good King Empatha sent out a decree for help. ‘The good King wants heroes to help him find his son’s fiancee,’ blurted out the good king’s scribe to the public, ‘the daughter of the Evil King.’

The Evil King sent out a decree to warn people not to listen to the Good King and not to hunt for his daughter. ‘Anyone who helps the good King will be our enemy,’ yelled the scribe of the evil King.

Our eight little heroes looked at each other. The four little Warrior kids wanted to try and help the good King, but the other four children did not want to for fear of the Bad King becoming angry.

Larry, Charlotte, Destiny, and Ragde said ‘we do not want to help, we like dragons, what could we possible do?’

Kings Decree








Edgar, Molly, Sue, and George (the Warrior Kids) said, ‘It would be an adventure. We could see who can find the Princess, Warriors or Dragons. We could see who is stronger, Warriors or Dragons. Grandma said it depends on who tries the hardest.’

The others wanted to take on the challenge, ‘but,’ they said, ‘what can you do?’

The kids gathered together away from the crowd. Edgar and his pet Ant and Bee said, ‘We could help by scouting the area for bad Dragons’

Molly and her pets, Macho and Cuddles, said ‘We could calm the land with our caring.’

Sue and Geru, chimed in and said, ‘We could make a map.’

George with Rabbit and turtle, added, ‘We could rescue the Princess.’

They did not know how to do any of that. But together they chimed in ‘WE CAN TRY, OUR DREAM IS TO FIND THE PRINCESS.’

Just then a magical dream horse appeared. Their pets changed to magical  widgets forms and joined the horse. Macho the scary cat became a yellow skinny cat. Cuddles the loving dog had became a heart shaped puppy. Their group warrior Consciousness and group Dragon appeared with the widgets.


Larry, Destiny, Charlotte, and Ragde laughed at the others and yelled they would steal the horse and just do as they please as their widgets Coyote, Crow, Raccoon, and Spiedie would grow as the others widgets would shrink. What a horrible feeling for the other four kids, Edgar, Molly, Sue and George. They wanted to give up. They did not know how to find the princess as no one else did either. It would be so easy just to let the others steal the horse. With that thought their widgets shrank.


But George, Sue, Molly, and Edgar  knew they needed to do what was right and try to find the princess. They knew that to help others they had to be brave and declare what they feel is right. So they yelled back, ‘No, we rule, we do what’s right.’ Immediately their widgets grew and the others shrunk. MagicHorse2










Off they rode on their journey to find the princess. But what do you do to begin to find the Princess when no one else seems to know either. Perhaps the Horse will know what to do. Perhaps not. But they were determined to find out.


We have to decide to what is right and grin and bear the fear of being scrutinized by others.

Chapter 4 Land of Fairies and Pixies

Off though the air the horse rode with the Warrior and his widgets as the children rode their bikes below and Dragon and his widgets ran behind. ‘We are on our way to the land of the fairies and Pixies,’ announced the Magic Dream Horse.Off we go to TV Land








When they reached the land of the Fairies and Pixies they encountered a Pixie chasing a Fairy in a cloud of magic.


The Warrior asked the Fairy if they would help them find the Princess by looking around the land. The Fairy answered, ‘ I can’t,  the Pixie has just caught my heal.’

The Pixie yelled, ‘No way will I let him help you. The Evil King has too much power and I fear him. I will not let him help with your quest.’ FariesTalk













Ant and Bee stepped forward and addressed the Fairy and Pixie, ‘We have the torches of truth. Carry these lights and we can see truer, better. We will all look for foot prints or any change that might tell us where they went.’

Torch of Truth Warrior held Ant and Bee as they gave the fairy and pixie the torch of truth so they could look for clues to where the Princess had been taken.








Spiedie yelled and the Pixie again yelled, ‘No way, we will not help but only lie.’

Dragon chimed in, ‘Bravo Spiedie, that’s my little buddy.’

The Kids knew they had to make a decision. That group Dragon was too big and it was scaring the Pixies.

Dragon Large








Edgar, Molly, Sue, and George confronted the others saying, ‘Your pocket Dragons are too big. You have to decide to make them shrink by cooperating with us. Then the group Dragon will shrink and Spiedie too. And then the Pixies will not be so afraid.’

‘Why should we,’ the others totted back.

‘So we can have this adventure. Unless we go on the adventure we will never know if it was worth it and we will all be too afraid to do anything and we will all be bored. Warrior has to lead with Dream Horse or the Pixies will be too afraid and will not help us nor let the Fairies help us. Please, cooperate.’

Dragons Shrink  Larry and his three friends, like all kids, wanted an adventure too. They began to change their minds, an adventure would be fun. As soon as Ragde, Charlotte, Destiny, and Larry relented and agreed to cooperate a little more their pocket dragons shrank and so did the group Dragon.

Pixie shivered and confessed, ‘We will help but we are still afraid of the evil king.’

Horse with a pensive look replied, ‘Then we need to go to the land of the witches to get the shield of courage. Meanwhile, look for anything that has changed, what is the same as we go and what is different, and maybe we can see the path they took with the Princess, maybe she left signs for us to follow.’










The Fairies, with the Pixies behind, began their search close to the ground, among the darkness of piled leaves, to see if a clue was left by the Evil King when he hid his daughter.  Warrior and the horse headed for the Land of the Witches. Warrior and his Upper Nature Widgets had grow a little more. Off Again













The kids went to the TV media station to talk to Edgar’s father who tells the truth and Ragde’s father who does not. They were both afraid to tell the truth because Larry’s Dad, the factory owner and richest business tycoon, may get them fired.Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 9.39.40 AM

Chapter 5 Land of Whitches


Off they went to the land of Witches leaving the pixies and fairies to scour the land looking for clues and the kids on their bikes below. They seen the witches huts through a hole in the clouds. Down they went through the hole.

Land of Witches


There was smoke coming out of their roofs. The witches were making brews. The children on their bikes were not far behind.


0D20Land of Witchesclose


The kids were catching up to them as they came close to the door of the Evil Witch.


They all stood outside the hut. Not sure what was inside. The Widgets and Horse looked at Warrior and Dragon waiting for them to move. An ominous danger seemed to be in the air.


They all went inside and the Evil Witch snatched some of Larry’s hair and dropped it into her brew. A Ghostly apparition of his father arose from the brew. His hideous laugh scared them all. Macho and Rabbit grew along with Dragon and all his widgets.

The Ghost pointed at Larry and said,  ‘follow me or I will come after you and destroy you all.’ It then laughed hideously. ‘You, Larry, you were never any good, you will never be free of me,’ screeched the Ghost.

Larry ran outside and to the Good Witch’s hut yelling, ‘I need the shield of courage. Let’s ask the Good Witch.’



They all followed him over to the other hut as the hideous ghost laughed behind them.


The good witch took hair from each child and dropped it into the caldron. As it fell a ghostly apparition of Larry’s mom appeared. She said.’ Stick together as one, love each other as one, and keep close to the horse of dreams and you will prevail. Then I will give you the shield of courage and the sword of honor.’


The children and widgets had a wave of love come over them all, like a spell, and in the place of the  ghost the sword of honor and the shield of courage rose up from the caldron. The Warrior and his widgets grew as the Dragon and his widgets shrank.

The Warrior Mounted the magic horse of dreams with the shield of Courage and the sword of Honor.

The children beseeched, ‘Where shall we go. We are lost. We do not yet know where the princess is.’

The horse said, ‘We will go to the land of the Wizards and seek out their directions.’

Off we go to Wizard Land

So off they go to land of Wizards with Warrior riding the dream horse out of the clouds with the Shield of Courage and the Sword of Honor. Dragon and his widgets were behind in the clouds and the kids below on their bikes were under the clouds.



06Dive Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 1.21.43 PM02counselingScreen Shot 2014-05-24 at 1.20.26 PM

In reality the kids went to Charlotte’s Mom’s dive to see it they could help with getting Larry’s Dad to stop selling so many gadgets. They were addicted and loyal to Larry’s dad. So they went to Molly’s mom, the counselor, and all she could tell them was to love each other for courage, that love helps us do what we are afraid to do otherwise.



Chapter 6 Land of Wizards


Off we go to Wizard Land






They soon see the Huts of the Wizards.

They entered the land of Wizards. The Good wizard greeted them. He said the Fairies and Pixies had scoured the land and found the tower with the Princess in it over the Mountain on the other side. He jerked his magic wand and a map appeared. It showed a straight and narrow path up the Mountain.

‘But,’ warned the Good Widget, ‘the trail up the mountain is traitorous and hard to go up as the dream horse can not fly up nor climb but will have to he pushed and pulled up. But sense there are 8 kids, eleven widgets, a Warrior, a Dragon to help the Dream horse you should have no problem climbing up the Mountain.’

The Evil Wizard flicked his Magic Wand and pointed to the MAP below the mountain.

He said, their is a much easier trail, it may take longer but it is fun and easy.’

The map showed the trail to start on below the straight and narrow. It went into the dark woods in the opposite direction.

The Evil Wizard said, ‘On this trail you can all go by yourselves, you do not need the help of others to follow the path, you can all go at a different pace and take your time.’

‘How will we know where to go?’ asked Geru.

He flipped his magic wand and a CRYSTAL BALL appeared.

“This will show the way. Just look in it and it will show you what you want.’

The Good Wizard flicked his wand and a SACK appeared as he spoke and said, This (tax money)dust will keep the spell at obey. It will softened the spell for a while if it is sprinkled delicately on the town and they will be able to help you.’


Ant and Bee looked at the sack while Cuddles said, ‘Give the sack to Geru and Crow to spread over the land.’

But Spiedie seen the bag as Raccoon whispered, ‘It can all be ours and we will get rid of the spell on us and we can rule the town who is still under the spell. They will be our slaves.’

The good widget was about to say, ‘The dust only works when a little amount is sprinkled. If a lot is in anyone’s possession it makes the spell worse.’

But before he could say anything Crow whispered to Macho fear, ‘We need to steal the sack now or you may not ever get any of the Wizard dust.’

Macho fearful of loosing out on the dust pushed Cuddles away from the sac as Crow yelled, ‘We deserve it all.’

Spiedie covered the Warrior, and his Widgets with cob webs as Coyote ran over them and grabbed the sack before the good widgets could get it.

  Dragon grabbed the Crystal Ball and headed for the woods on the lower part of the map. His widgets, followed. The four bully children by instinct ran after them.

Dragon spit fire at George saying, ‘I will shrink you. We will get to the Princess before you and warn the Evil King that you are coming, and we will rule the city with the Evil King.’

Warrior lifted his shield of courage and Macho calmed down and no one shrunk. The Shield of Courage had protected them.

The four so called sissy kids and the warrior and the Upper Nature widgets would go up the Mountain by themselves. Wizard turned and told the Warrior to keep an eye out for Trolls as they got nearer to the Evil Kings Castle where the Princess is hidden away in a tower. And to remember there were good Elves that maybe able to help them in need.

Warrior, his widgets and the four kids on the horse of Dreams said good by to the Wizards and started up the Straight and Narrow path.


Chapter 7 Up the Mountain

Ant and Bee scouted ahead, Molly with Macho and Cuddles made sure the path was clear of all dangers, Geru flew above to see if their was an easier path and telling Sue if they needed to change their map. Edgar, Molly, Sue, George, Rabbit, and Turtle pulled and pushed The Dream Horse up the trail. The Warrior talked to them all so they each knew what the other was doing and would come to their aid if one needed more help.

The PATH was indeed hard as the Widgets and Warrior pushed The Horse of Dreams up the Mountain.


At about half the way up the Mountain they came upon a cliff. There did not seem to be anyway around it or up it. Trolls were coming up behind them. They were trapped. They found a cave to hide in hoping the Trolls would not notice them and turn around and leave. The trolls were huge.

Another Exit

They were not in the cave very long when they heard noises further in. Very quietly they explored and came upon a Dragon, a very huge Dragon. It was Dameon. He could smell their presence and began to roar.

“You are in my CAVE,” he bellowed. ‘The Trolls have found the entrance and are now behind you. You are Trapped. If you want passage to the other side you have to pay me in a sack of Wizard Dust.”

Warrior approached him boldly with the Shield of Courage and beseeched him saying, ‘Let me and my Dream Horse through so we can go back down the Mountain and obtain our Wizard Dust, as it has been taken by our friends. On my return you will let us through to climb up the rest of the Mountain.’

The Dragon agreed but added, ‘You must leave as hostage your Widgets and Children.” He would give him only the time it took for the HOUR GLASS to empty.He pointed to the exit for Mr. Do and the horse to take.

Warrior agreed and the Dragon let Warrior and Dream Horse through and retained the Widgets and Children. Warrior was in another trap, he had to obtain the Wizard Dust for the Dragon, the same dust he needed to sprinkle towns folks for help. He also knew the Dragon would not release his Widgets and Children. He now had to go down the Mountains and find and fight his own Group Dragon and return to fight Dameon in the cave and the Trolls.  He had no help to get his Dream Horse back up the Mountain.


Off they went down the Mountain, on a trail that did not pass the Trolls, passed the Wizard Huts, and down into the Easy Path. It was wide and appeared to be easy but there were huge holes, it was dark and eerie, and there were paths everywhere leading no where. It was a huge maze. But where were the others? Time was running out, the hour glass was letting sand fall.

DESPERATELY THEY SEARCHED They came upon some spider webs, the Warrior, also Consciousness said, ’Spiedie will be hiding under these.’

They began to clear out the webs and sure enough they found Spiedie and Ragde. Spiedie and Ragde were glad to see them as they had been in the web a long time alone not knowing where to go as they could not see clearly but all was distorted. They climbed up on to the Horse.


They all came to a hill and a path going into the valley.

Geru said, ‘Raccoon and Charlotte, his pet, want to keep all the Wizard Dust, so they will be weighted down, they will take the path going down.’ So down they rode. Sure enough they found Raccoon and Charllette. They too were happy to see someone, the sack of Wizard Dust was very heavy and they were tired of dragging it. They too got on the Horse.

They had the dust and could now go back. But they needed more help to again get the Dream Horse up the Mountain. The Warrior, Consciousness, said, ‘Quiet, I hear Crow in the distance.  So off they flew following the squadk of Crow.

‘Where is Destiny?’ inquired Warrior?

Crow said she is following the Crystal Ball to untold treasures, but every time she gets there someone ahead of her has taken the prize. You will find her below this tree crying as she threw the crystal ball and it broke into a million pieces.’

They all flew down and she too climbed on the Horse. The children were heavy and the Horse was beginning to pant. They had yet to find Larry, Coyote, and Dragon.

Warrior exclaimed, ‘Be very quiet and if you hear of a fight there will be Larry and Coyote and Dragon.’

They all got very quiet. A fellow was going by and they asked him if he had heard of any fights around. He directed them to the North but cautioned them that the fight was very fierce.


Off they flew to the North. Soon they seen a ruckus up ahead as a lot of dust was in the air. Sure enough it was Larry and Coyote fighting their own Group Dragon. (Fighting themselves?)As Coyote and Larry’s pocket Dragon had grown, so had the Group Dragon. The battle was out of hand, Dameon had grown huge and his flames from his mouth were red hot. Time was running out. Something had to be done. Warrior had to make a decision to act. He decided to use the Group Dragon to fly back to the cave. But he had to subdue the Dragon. (Moral of story, you have to use your Upper Nature to use your Lower Nature, or survival mode, correctly.)

Warrior told the kids to take out their pocket Warriors to fight the Pocket Dragons to distract them so he could fight the Group Dragon, that this had to be a coordinated fight. They all needed to fight together if they were to win. The pocket Warriors grew as the pocket Dragons began to shrink, and along with them the Group Dragon began to shrink and loose his fire.

Warrior said, ‘I have to outsmart the Group Dragon (with the UN). When I have the Dragon Down I want you all to jump on him, that includes Horse. I will yell NOW.’


As the pocket Warriors fought the pocket Dragons Spiedie covered the Dragon’s eyes with webs, Raccoon Distracted him with the Bag of Dust, and Crow entangled his legs with a vine making him stumble. Warrior took three big breaths of air and lunged at the Dragon putting his arms around his neck.

’NOW!’ he yelled. As the Dream Horse, widgets, kids, and picket Warriors jumped on Dragon, Warrior cut the vines with his sword of Honor and away they flew directing. The hour glass was about empty.


They flew back to the mountain to save the others. (Moral of story, we have to recognize we need help, repent of past behavior, have humility, fight our old urges, and be renewed)

They had to made it back before the Sand hour was up. A lot of Trolls had came and were watching the cave so no one would escape. Dameon still would not allow them to pass. He wanted their Widget Dust, all of it. That would mean the spell would go on forever and eventually everyone would be prisioners of Dameon and very very sad.



They had made it back before the Sand hour was up. But Dameon still would not allow them to pass, he would not even let them return down the Mountain. He wanted their Widget Dust, all of it. That would mean the spell would go on forever and eventually everyone would be prisioners of Dameon and very very sad.

A lot of Trolls had came and were watching the cave so no one could escape. The Group Warrior knew that Dameon was too big for eight children, their widgets, and himself. Even if their Group Dragon pitched in Dameon was too big and powerful for them all to escape.

They needed a plan.  They needed to sneak out to get Empatha’s help, and sprinkle the dust on the city to make an army big enough to continue up the Mountain to free the Princess to Wed the Prince and bring peace.


Group Warrior told the kids, widgets, and Dragon that ‘Unless we can get past Dameon we will all be trapped in the cave for ever. But if we all work together and make a plan and followed my directions, to coordinate us, we may be able to sneak by Dameon and the Trolls. This is plan.’

Warrior exclaimed in a very quiet but firm voice, ‘We will wait for Dragon to go to sleep. We will need to be very observant and careful, Warrior and his crew is good at that. Dameon and the Trolls will not respond to love, logic, or our fighting so sometimes we have to fool them so we are not the victim of their foolishness, so we need group Dragon and gang to help. So we must all work together, warriors and dragons, to sneak out without Dameon awakening and taking our sack and without the Tolls stopping us’

‘We need keen eyes and ears to find our way in the dark and not stumble,’ cautioned Warrior.

Bee, Ant and Edgar volunteered to lead the group.

‘We need someone in tune with danger, who can tell us what to look out for, and who knows when to love, so we do not get angry and do something to wake up Dameon or alert the Troll guards that we are leaving by acting threatening.’

Molly stepped forward and said, ‘I, Macho, and Cuddles can do that.’

We need a good planner, to help us do this right,’ added Warrior.

Sue declared, ‘Geru and I will asses the whole situation and help guide the others where to safely step.’

Warrior also stated, ‘We need to be patient but brave and keep up the pace. We need someone to set the pace so we do not run into each other.’

George said, ‘Rabbit will bounce where we need to go, and Turtle will keep him patient and slow him down when needed.’

We also need to disguise ourselves.

Spiedie and Ragde chimed in, ‘We can do that. We will weave a tube of webs around us.’

Charlette and Racoon stepped up, ‘We can appeal to the greed of the Trolls by putting some of the Dust near them so they turn their heads.’

‘Then we need to somehow get them to to think all is ok,’ said Warrior.

Destiny and Crow together spited out, ‘We are good at that. We will blame Dameon for falling asleep.’

Warrior continued, ‘Someone needs to steal the Bag of dust from Dameon to be able to do that.

Larry and Coyote volunteered, ‘We are good at that.’

Warrior continued, ‘Ant and Bee lead, follow the leader, the one in front of you, Group Dragon will fly over his crew and I over mine. I will help all of you and Group Dragon to not over or under do things. So keep an eye on me for any last minute changes.’

So they made their plans and when evening came and Dameon fell asleep. Spiedie spun a web and Ragde helped Spiedie cover Dameon’s eyes. Charlotte and Raccoon Sprinkled Some Dust in the far corner and the Trolls turned their heads toward it and relaxed. As the Kids, widgets, the Dream Horse and Warrior slid by them with the sack Crow told the Trolls that the one who did not move the longest gets the dust.

(Lying and manipulating is only allowed when survival of self and others is really in danger.)

Chapter 8 Empatha and the Escape



Back to Town for help

Free at last. They headed back to the town and to the King.                                                                                                                                                              










Everyone had seen them coming and gathered around the town. Group Warrior, Group Dragon, Dream Horse, kids, and widgets flew over Empatha, the people, the King, his soldiers and Elves next to the soldiers, and the Prince sprinkling them with Wizard Dust to awaken them enough to appeal to them, to form an army and go after the Princess.

0D45Back to Town for help








So the King, his Elves, the town folks, everyone’s pocket warriors and group warriors, Empatha, and some of the towns folks all flew or marched to the caves. Dameon the Dragon had shrunk and he and the Trolls had gone to the Castle, where the Princess was in the Tower, to help the Evil King fight the on coming army now lead by the Good King. (Jobs for the people take away apathy.)   Off they all flew to the top of the Mountain to save the Princess from the Tower and save the City by ending the spell the Evil King had put on the City.










A GREAT BATTLE began, everyone against the Trolls and bad dragons. It was a tie. No one was stronger then the other. With such a big battle and the Evil King so close, the children became afraid. This was the moment they all had worked toward, they did not want to botch it up. The Wizard Dust would work to soften people up to do what was right for only so long. If the battle went wrong the The Evil King would have them killed on the very spot. But they were not trapped, they could turn and leave the battle to the rest. The battle may go on until all were dead but they, the kids, would be safe. The Sissy Kids’ Geru widget said, ‘Listen to Cuddles, love, and not Macho’s fear.’

They stopped and thought and felt the love and muttered, ‘We must do what is right. We must try.’

The Bully kids listened to their Crow. Crow said ‘Listen to the other kids.’ Seeing their courage and not wanting to abandon them or to run scared  muttered to themselves, ‘We must try and kick butt.’ All eight kids looked at each other and smiled, ‘We have cooperated before. Lets do this.’

They knew they had to be smart about getting past the trolls and find the tower. They all needed to work together. Edgar said,  ‘We can not be seen.’

Ragde said, ‘Dress up like trolls.’

They all got behind the Shield of Courage and muttered ‘We must do what is right.’

They walked past the troll guards nodding as if they were friends.

Sue said, ‘Look, Dream Horse and the widgets are searching for the Tower with the Princess in it.’

Sue exclaimed,  ‘Look over there, Geru has found the Tower and is pointing at it.’

George with excitement spurted out, ‘We know where to go.’

The kids, with their shield of Courage and Sword of Honor weaved their way through the Trolls into the gates of the Castle, and through the Trolls in the Castle Court yard to the back Tower.

InTower They went into the tower and climbed to the top to the door where the princess was. It had a large lock on it. There were two guards one on each side of the door.

Larry wanted to fight them but George said. ‘Be patient that they are too strong.’

Sue said, ‘We need to out smart them.’

Destiny said, ‘We are dressed as Trolls, let’s tell them we are the new guards.’

Meanwhile Edgar and Ragde sprinkled Wizard Dust on the guard so they would relax. Edgar and Ragde then went up to them and in deep rough voices spit out,’ We are here to take your place so you can leave.’

The Two Troll turned and walked away.

Molly and Charlotte exclaimed in delight, ‘Now we can free the Princess, the lock is ours to open.’

But how? They did not have a key. They each shed their Troll clothes and tried to break the lock with the Sword of Honor. But to no avail. The Sword just bounced off.

An Elf was near by and said, ‘The Sword of Honor can break the lock but must be held by some one who can clearly see, like the Fairies, and see what others have hidden, like the Pixies.  By someone who has great love, like the good witch, yet understand those without love, such as the bad witch. By someone who knows right from wrong, as the Good Wizard, yet can understand those who do not.  And by someone who patiently does what is right and is not aggressive yet can deal with those who are aggressive. You each have one of those talents, cooperation makes you all stronger and able to accomplish the task, if all eight of you strike the lock together with the sword it will break.’

PrinsesFreeThen they all looked at each other and smiled,  they all took ahold of the sword and together struck the lock. It broke and they opened the tower door. The Princess and Prince, who had just arrived, were reunited. The battle was still going on as they stole away into the night to get married and end the spell which would also end the great battle. Peace was restored to the land.

Chapter 9 Magic is Gone, Now What

The Son of the King seen his princess and took her by the hand. The sight so inspired the city that more and more townsfolk’s joined the good kings army. Their pocket warriors had grown, their Group Warriors were growing as Dameon and the pocket and Group Dragons had shrunk or were shrinking. The immense army of the Good King was so overwhelming and brave with renewed strength that the Evil Kings army had to surrender.  They all flew back to the city as they celebrated the wedding. And a grand wedding it was. The wedding reception was a fourth of July celebration with fireworks filling the sky. Peace had returned to the land once more.      







They knew with the marriage of the Prince and Princess the cities curse was over, so would their magic be over. The Faries and Pizies, Witches Huts and Wizards Shacks, and Elves and Trolls were faded and gone. Soon the spell would be totally broken. The Dream Horse and widgets were fading and their real pets were fading back into real life.  Life would return to the usual day to day operation, how boring. They did not want to return. Edgar, Molly, Sue, and George would again be doing their homework and helping their parents keep up the house.

Ragde, Charlotte, Destiny, and Larry began to feel life will be boring again. Without an adventure what would they do but to create problems to be solved. They would again make life miserable for Edgar, Molly, Sue, and George. 0D53BJ Back The Dragon kids began to get rough and rowdy, and cut up, and tease the other four. ‘Mama Kids, sissy kids vs Daddy’s tough kids to the end.’

The Sissy, Momma kids laughed and said, ‘Your Pocket Dragons and the Group Dragon are growing and you will get lost on the Easy Path of Life like you did before. Don’t forget so easily your Dragons without our help hurt everyone. Warriors in the end win.’

But,” they retorted back, ‘the Dragon’s saved the Warriors who flew them to the cave and the city. Dragons could hold more weight then the horse. And a Dragon has to be stronger then the Warrior to do that.’

‘Yes,’ they answered, ‘The Dragon has to be strong enough to help the Warriors, but not so strong as not to be guided by the Warrior. On his own the Group Dragon was as lost as the rest of you. And without the clear wits of the Warrior you were not able to control the Group Dragon.’

‘Ok, that is true,’ they said thinking deeply, ‘what if, what if we made an agreement. We will help you if you help us.’

‘Good idea,’ said Grandma, ‘you could have lots of adventures. Together Warriors and Dragons can both have fun. Dad’s protect the Moms and the Moms protect the kids, so you can help each other. And look, look who has been returned.’

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