Violence, How It Works

Violence, How It Works, so you can take back control of your world.

01 Violence

We tend to blame gangs and fighting on the kids engaged in it. We often fail to see the root causes, which may not be the kids themselves. Grandpa tends to blame Grandma for thinking anything is out of the ordinary.

02 Violenc



Violence is ripping through our nation and threatening our youth. Street crime is mostly unseen. BJ is a little American Indian child in my cartoons and trying to save her friends and relatives.


If you watch and listen to the kids and what they are doing you will discover the world they have to live in that we may never see. That is what GM does.



If we do not watch our kids others will and they will use them for their own projects.  That is often for crime. When kids are only hanging around the streets they are often targeted.



Our Upper Nature has Conscious Choices and gets pleasure out of perceiving, feeling, thinking, and acting in everyday normal activities. But our alter-ego draws from our Lower Nature, the survival mode, and gets pleasure from deceiving with fantasy, greed, blaming others, and disrespecting boundaries such as being aggressive. When mild the Lower Nature may only show up in mischievous joking.


Ordinarily, our Consciousness is in control and helps our widgets, or human traits, focus and we stay in the straight & narrow and keep out of trouble. Our Lower Nature is kept small and also in the right path by Conscious choice.


When we believe that we are seeing danger, whether it is reality or not, adrenaline shoots to fear, fear alerts the alter egos that then sends his dragon fire on to selfishness, or save thy self, which then blames the sources it believes is causing the danger, and on to Coyote who pairs with Energetic Rabbit to take care of the business of survival. All of this can be alarming but pleasurable at the same time. Fear and pleasure are close, as when you ride a roller coaster.


When Fear and the Lower Nature take over, our Alter Ego and its widgets and Rabbit  are greater than our Conscious Choice and its true perceptions, love, and reasoning. We get pleasure being feisty. And if Fear itself then shrinks, leaving the Alter-ego in charge, well, it can be right down evil. War Lords and Gang Lords will put your sweet child through life threatening situations or initiations to brainwash them to their way of thinking and life. The fear of death can flip the brain to the enemies thinking in order to survive.


Groups of people can act like a person, or a city, if the individuals or organizations and shops are dominated by a widget as shown above.





Just as fear can take over a person and send them into their Lower Nature ,as shown in the pictures at the top, so can a city or nation be gripped by fear and throw it into its Lower Nature, or what we call crime or the underworld, as shown on the bottom pics.

As shown in the picture on the bottom left, Mr/Ms Do, in this case George’s Dad, is the Mayor and runs a smooth city. The new is pretty accurate, there are human services such as counseling, people have good or peaceful belief systems such as churches, and City Hall is pretty much fair as can be. We will call this the Upper Nature of the city and in a healthy city it dominates the politics.

Dragon is Organized crime and ran by Larry’s Dad who in my cartoons owns most of the town and its factories. He a tycoon. He will bias the news, offer drugs and alcohol to feel better, supports the philosophy of fate, luck, and gaming, and produces addictive gadgets to dominate the markets. We call Dragon and his Widgets the Lower Nature, the Underworld. In the healthy city Dragon and his widgets are at a minimum. In a town dominated by Fear, or Macho, the Upper Nature shrinks and Crime dominates the politics.The Mayor’s power shrinks are the Lower Nature crimes grow, shown in pic on the lower right.








We have to make a conscious choice to yell STOP! That alert will cause a pause as our real survival mode starts with FREEZE before it goes to FLIGHT so it can find an escape route and will only go to FIGHT if it is trapped. This gives us a chance to change the course of our widgets, to get a better look, better mood, better thoughts, and better actions that work without violence. The body genetically does not prefer violence because we can get hurt. Back in the day, thousands of years ago, medicine was not as good as it is today, a small injury could lead to death and so our feisty genes were not passed on to be dominant.







Well, first, let’s look how Consciousness, Mr/Ms Do above in pic, deals with individual widgets. Mr/Ms Do has the Lower Nature shrink to allow the Upper Nature to work efficiently. Accurate perceptions are necessary and best achieved in an objective scientific way, emotions must be calm so fear does not activate the bias of the Lower Nature, which has no good memories and limited thinking, so blaming and one-sided thinking needs to be replaced with systematic thinking, and actions need to be patiently planned out instead of impulsive violence, and skills and talents engaged to do what works.

LOST copy_edited-1

A city has the same steps but delivered differently as it involves many people.


Ok, this is not enough, could I be more specific? Well, this is a start, it show the intent. The main thing here is not let revenge or other ideology of freeze, flight, or fight. They only get in the way of working the system properly. Let look first at a dysfunctional city then what works.

12 VIOLENCEcity1_edited-2


The top picture shows a small Mr Do, the mayor of the city. He can only do so much. He can’t calm the citizens perceptions of a scary world, there is no funding for social services, the sciences are not in the news nor are spiritual beliefs, and people feel helpless and apathetic so the population does little politically to change things. This is a largely do to Rich Corporations that own or influence the news to augment their advertisements and get you to buy. They know that fear gets people to buy more, selfish or self-centered thinking does also, and they love to blame the government for everything they influenced the government to do that you do not like. News is an entertainment industry to install fear, wrongful blame, control your beliefs, and get you excited about their products. From their stand point it pays well, from yours you are lost and fighting the wrong things. You will then buy the wrong things, like unhealthy food, drugs, alcohol to access. If you buy into anti religious beliefs and dump your family you will buy more junk.

If you engage in civic politics and voice your opinions the Mayer becomes more powerful to demand legislation to appease you. It only takes 1% of the population activated to do that. Then the Mayor can yell stop to all the crooked stuff and start to demand, for you, that the local news give you the real and pertinent facts, social scientists will advocate fair and empathetic solutions to problems, scientific and holistic bird’s-eye views of how to go about bringing on useful change, and grassroots and other activist activities to create an infrastructure that meets your needs as a healthy person.

But be aware, the greedy will always find ways to misinform you, eliminate your interests, blame you or the people helping you, and tax or de-fund your efforts. You need to support with time, effort, or money those organizations that help you to be treated fairly and have you and your families happiness in mind.

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