02 Overview of Four Steps of the Brain

How Widgets Act and Interact




Without danger the Upper Nature is the first responder. Like an Ant and Bee our Curiosity sends us on the search for resources. Like Macho scaredy cat we are cautious fearing  danger. Like Cuddles the loving dog our love of food, resources, or others keeps us going. We think about what we sense and feel and then plan on what to do next to find happiness. As we go, like patient Turtle, we grab our Energetic Rabbit, energy, and start to carefully build or change our situations to better succeed. All these widgets work together sharing their data so they can  better observe, motivate, research, and build skills.

The Lower Nature has a different story. In case of danger, the LN will Deceive, be selfish, blame the perpetrator and justify the fight. If there is perceived danger, the Lower Nature is faster than the Upper Nature. That way we can quickly avoid the tiger or other predators. But in modern society we have few such predators other than unseen germs. Or the predators are other humans, that may actually be safe but not seem so. Depending on our personality disorders we may be paranoid, or over-anxious, or afraid, or overwhelmed by many things from over sensitive or flashbacks from the childhood trauma.

Our Lower Nature can be confused and over active. Boredom can make us miserable. We are not perceiving enough stimulus, low feelings, few thoughts, or no action and we may turn to our Lower Natures to ramp things up, cause problems, or create negative reactions to avoid the boredom.







Widgets fill our bodies with curious, loving, creative, soothing, or energetic neurotransmitters or with the vile of fearful, deceptive, selfish, blaming, or revengeful neurotransmitters, or a little of all. To find tranquility and renewed energy, thoughts, feelings, or sensual well-being, one has to stop the flow of the unhappy or depressed perceptions, feelings, thoughts, or actions. Our Mr/Ms Do, our Consciousness, has to make choices to alter our brain stages to turn Myself, our body, back to tranquility.03Emotions

As our widgets act and interact neurotransmitters bath our brains to set our moods. If we are bored and have no emotions we are in a boring state like a desert. Emotions from addictive chemicals or activities can be so overwhelming that they stamp out our natural neurotransmitters and leave us in a desert thirsting for better emotions. These neurotransmitters affect the body putting us in an energetic curiosity, relaxed sense of well-being, heighten sense of danger, anger, the list goes on and on depending on the combination of transmitters.




Mr/Ms Do, our consciousness steps in to direct the show to fit the environment. Mr/Ms Do is sort of a memory of what the brain just perceived, felt, thought, and plan to act on and will make a choice, by comparing the present events with the past events and future events and possibilities, keeping in mind the most urgent needs of present self in relation to the environment. Without consciousness the widgets could go in circles or create false realities, much like when you dream. Dreams just do not fit the immediate needs and environment of the body. Its wild experiences seem to dissipate without choices needing to be made.









Mr/Ms Do will give instructions to all the widgets as to what or how to perceive, feel, think, and do to match the current situation. Dragon, our alter ego, wants to have more fun, or may feel danger that perhaps with other solutions are not dangerous.



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