04 Overview of Groups and Cities having Personalities, Glitches, and Disorders



With a leader or a common cause a group of people coordinate and combine their abilities together creating a group personality. In a city different agencies carry out the function of widgets such as perception of whats happening in the city is carried out by mass media that tells it as it is or pumps out false fantasy, emotions dealt with by counselors or not so well dealt with in taverns, beliefs by schools or churches or fans or cults or on and on groups, and activities by work, shops, armies, or factories. These groups affect the city politics and the lives of individuals.


A city will have an Upper Nature that works for the benefit of individuals and a Lower Nature that may operate underground, or illegally, and at the detriment of others, for profit. They can brew up all kinds of quick fix concoctions or products.




It is a statistical observation that if you randomly pick 44 people and test them for human traits, such as friendliness, courage, self-esteem, intelligence, happiness, depression, on and on and on, that you will get a normal curve just as you do with a hundred above, or thousands of people. The more people the more you will get who are very rare, as one in a thousand or one in a million. But is amazing that 44 randomly picked people will contain a sampling of most human traits from low to high without large gaps.




A leader, or very likable person that relates to everyone, tends to be just a bit to the right of the center average person, yet not too detailed nor too blind, not too fearful nor too stoic, not too loving nor too cold, too logical nor illogical, to patient nor not enough, not too bullish or too wimpy. This person can relate the best to all the others as they are not far from anyone in any trait so others relate easy to them, yet just a bit more dominant. It turns out that the dead average Joe is the best adjusted in relation to being realistic about others. Give them the slight edge on the best traits and they tend to be leaders.

Yes, but the extremes have their own charms, the geniuses of the world were not at the top of the pile but at the right edges. They find it harder to relate to others, especially if they are far down the ladder. And each individual has their own identity, and that is great. But then again, would it be nice if you could relate to everyone not just those in your spot. Would it be nice to at least be king of the mountain in a group of 44 people and get the group to follow you to complete a task you need done that requires all the talents. That is the power of a group.


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