05 Overview of Four Steps To Success

To Have A Chance At Success, A Person Needs To Strengthen The Four Steps Of The Upper Nature Of The Brain And Control And The Four Steps Of The Lower Nature, So It Does Not Interfere With the Upper Nature Unless There Is Real Danger.


Step one is perceiving the world as accurately as possible so not to be blind to opportunity. Statistical analysis is helpful, very simple statistics is all that is needed.

Relax, empty the mind, like Zen meditation. You want to clear your mind as you don’t know exactly what you are looking. If you are free of biases you can begin to see things not expected. Now that your mind is clear you want to be an Ethnographer.

Make a map of the area, rooms, main objects, or areas of the out-of-doors. Watch the movement of things and people. Take count on paper, literally, our memories are not as good as we think and they change with time. Paper and pencil has changed the world. As you take count of everything changing, how many different factors, cause and effect, can you see. Just blindly write them down and count the occurrences, when and where. Tally them up and look for patterns.

If you notice yourself playing old tapes of prejudices or other biases you need to say STOP. Lies and fantasies only entertain our angers and disappointments. Such scenarios are only for real dangers.


Fear has a place to protect us but we can have a quick trigger or exaggerated fear that freezes us and we become isolated or selfish in our outlook. Love of others can calm our fear or help us be empathetic and guide us to what we should do. If we are servants to each other life becomes easy. If not the resulting conflicts spell private wars. Love can calm fear.

Time to let go of all the emotional baggage from the past. Forgive people, they did what they thought was right for the time and the moment, and were sincere about it. If they did not do what works for themselves and others they are basically ignorant. We all are ignorant, none of us know it all. And if we knew exactly why someone did what they did at the time and moment we would see their pain and confusion and extend out helping hands.

Fear is from the unknown and possibilities of what may happen. As you observe more and learn more you will be able to predict more. Stability in life brings more confidence. You will also be better able to predict and plan better for the future. If the future does not pan out you will be better able to see why, what is, and what can still be.

Enjoy others more, watch them, interact with them, and laugh with them taking note of how you and they act, just as above keep track. Being self-centered means you have only one person on your team. To get others to support you will take threats or bribes. And then they may be fooling you more than you are fooling them. The love of others can be a much more reliable and satisfying experience. Networking is a plus. And if you care about others your empathy for them will guide you as to what needs to be done for them, otherwise you are only guessing.




When you hear yourself making lists of excuses and accusations against others it is time to stop and reassess your thinking. We all have strengths and weaknesses, they are not on purpose to irritate others. If we could be great, successful, and helpful we all would. We are either with and helping others or against them and causing war.

We can blame other for what goes wrong or we can perceive what the other perceives, how they feel, how they think, and what they may do. Take note as in Step One above. Thus we can better predict others behaviors, thoughts, emotions, and understand why they see, feel, think, and do. Then we can better plan how to do things with them. That helps in friendship, family, and team building. Other people and what they know is our best resource.

Now is a good time to look at our notes, on paper or in our heads, and check with Ant Bee, Macho, and Cuddles impression and research the Past, Present, and possible Future trends, and check with Turtle and Rabbit to what skills and schools may help to acquire.  Look at all the patterns, how do they  all fit into a theme or story line. If your story line is fairly correct it can be tested by changing something and see if you can predict what will happen. We do this with our kids a lot maybe even with other adults in the family, but not enough at work, or church, or other places where we may be more defensive and judgmental.

Look at what philosophy, religion, or science knowledge or beliefs you have that will help or hinder your thinking, so you can challenge or explore them to sharpen your cognitive tools. Look for cause and effect and predictability.

Get rid of addictions, as they contender your motivation which needs to be rewired to motivate more functional tasks.



If we have strengthened the first three steps of the Upper Nature the fourth step is easier as our consciousness can better perceive, be better motivated, see better paths to take according to opportunity, ethical  choices, and wise planing. If we are unable to do that our Dragon can deceive us with choices that seem to be successful but only lead us to selfishness or greed and end us up in jail or having wasted a lot of time and resources chasing dead ends with no happiness or meaningfulness.

Got an idea what needs to be done? Go for it. Risk a little, test the waters, check with Ant and Bee, Macho and Cuddles, ask Geru if it still fits in the plan and then patiently practice, practice, and practice. Get rid of any addictions that take away good perception, love, motivation, and energy to do whats intelligent and to the benefit of self and others.

Fighting means you felt you were unable to Flight, which means you Freaked, because you did not Freeze and observe, feel, research, and act appropriately. The wildest of wildcats can be tamed. Common courtesies are a consensus among many as to how to treat each other to stop aggression. But understanding and empathy for other is the best bet.

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