06 Overview of Addiction Treatment

Quick Review: Widgets That Make Up Our Conscious and Unconscious Minds



Steps of Getting Over Addictions



First we must become aware that we are overriding our true Conscious Choice, Mr/Ms Do, to get what we want, to satisfy a blind body drive to want the pleasure or satisfaction of obtaining the desired product. Like a reflex, it is driving us towards the addiction. This can be from day one of trying the addiction to years of just abusing ourselves with over indulging in the product.


We like the effect it had on our Myself, our body, so our Upper Nature Macho Cat fear is afraid of loosing out on getting the cookies, or product of our now growing addiction. So Spiedie begins to deceive us by making the cookie bigger than life, Raccoon then selfishly says its his, Crow has a belief system of why one should get the cookie now or lose out on the opportunity. He may blame others for interfering or suggesting it’s not a good thing. After all, its only a cookie. Aggressive Coyote and Energetic Rabbit are willing to go after it hell or high water.


Now our Conscious control or choice to do what is right or what works better in the long run, the overseer of our actions, shrinks. So does our wise Geru, our best beliefs. Patient turtle, and empathetic Cuddles, the loving dog, also shrink as the other widgets get stronger and stronger. Dragon, our Alter Ego, Mr. Hide, also gets stronger. And Myself, our body reaches for the cookie. It’s now an automatic response.


We get to a point where we want to stop the addiction. Our Conscious Choice Mr/Ms Do is weak and makes an attempt to ground the widgets so the addiction stops.


It is futile at this point. Mr/Ms Do is too weak. Loving Cuddles tries to remove the cookie but is too weak. There seems to be no way to get happiness other than the cookie.


But to no avail. Love nor money will stop the pursuit of the cookie. It only works for a short time and the crowd of urges is back to chasing the cookie.


Admitting to being helpless to the spell of the addiction breaks that spell. You are no longer buying in to your Lower Nature Fantasies of lies, selfishness, blaming, and ruining your life and those of your loved ones. But we try once more to resist letting loose of the cookie.



At this point Mr/Ms Do is getting more determined. He/She is not going to give up.



Time to look at one’s resources and put together a plan to gain more strength, more support, more will power. How do we make Mr/Ms Do, our Conscious Choice, stronger?

06 01AdmitIamHelpless


This time admitting to being helpless is also stating we need to understand more, we need to grow, we need help as we are not the self-sufficient, all-knowing, one in control. We can turn to Spiritual help, spiritual being a way of stating truths without knowing the scientific explanation for them, and we can turn to better logic based on a given accepted understanding of science. Either way, we are going to learn more.




Like an inventory, you will look statistically or scientifically to reality, what you have really been doing. Our Conscious Choice begins to get stronger, we have more choices than the addiction. In short, Ant and Bee are more aware of choices because we are open to them. As they grow so does Mr/Ms Do.



Remember the role Macho Fear played in fearing we would lose out on the opportunity of the cookie? When fear shrinks Mr/Ms Do again have more Conscious Choices and so grows.


Macho Cat Fear, or fear of loosing pride, which is a defense system, now has shrunk and allows Empathetic Loving Cuddles doggie to begin to see that others were not the reason for our drowning our sorrows in cookies. We can also forgive ourselves as we are no longer defensive and blaming other to try to uphold the lie about cookies. Conscious Choice our Mr/Ms Do grows some more.



With Awareness, Less Fear, and More Empathy we can now realistically begin to make a plan to get happiness in another way. Now we have the Conscious ability to really make life satisfying, happy, and rewarding for ourselves and our loved ones.


With Patience we can begin to build better habits and routines that will make us happy. Mr/Ms Do is still growing.


Nothing is impossible with time and effort. That is as long as it’s based in reality and not fantasies of cookie farms. Fantasies that are unrealistic can be cookies in themselves.


No one said they promised you a rose garden, the process of staying on the right path is a life time ordeal. But we get better and better at it. They call it wisdom.


The Lower Nature of survival will always be there, it is hard-wired. But we will no longer be letting it rule.


Besides, the Lower Nature is there to help us avoid dangers, such as the cookie. And if we  rule, or ride it, instead of letting it rule, we have more strength yet. And we can have as much pleasure, adventure, and goodies as we want. That is as long as we do not let them rule. Will Power is learned, nurtured, and planned out.

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