02 Post Two: But First Con’t… Little Mr.Do


When we are small our little Mr.Do(s) are inexperienced. If we put two babies together and one of them (Baby A) has a pacifier and the other one does not the little Mr.Do without the pacifier, (Baby B), will want it too. B’s little Myself wants it, both their little Me(s) are too immature to share. Since B’s little I does not know how to stop it’s Me from going after the pacifier his Myself will go after it.

A struggle will ensue. As B’s Macho Fear and Energy Rabbit get over excited they cause a whirlwind of fearful excitement.  B’s Cuddles Love and other Me Upper Nature widgets begin to fly off allowing the Lower Nature widgets to take over. With Spiedie’s eye on the pacifier waiting for Ant and Bee to fly off, and Raccoon’s greed  wanting the pacifier Baby B’s Macho fear runs in circles as his Cuddles love flies off, his Crow blames Geru for not sharing, and his Coyote’ without the patient Turtle or energy Rabbit stopping him, grabs the pacifier. B’s overwhelmed little Mr.Do has let Dragon take over and get mean. Baby A goes through something similar and both babies’ Dragons start to fight. But one baby will be stronger than the other and turn into a Perpetrator leaving the other to be a Victim. Mom to the rescue. She will try to figure out what has happened. The Perpetrator will want to blame the other Baby for not sharing. But she is wise and will not fall for the Lower Nature game of blaming. She will teach them how to Manuellove and share. She will calm them returning them each back into a loving little Mr.Do.

As time goes by she will teach them both how to change their Me into being their own wise mothers with moral codes and appropriate behaviors. Then their little I will be able to mother the Me’s Upper Nature widgets and help them get along and not to let their Dragon and Lower Nature Widgets rule. This is called socializing. It is necessary for any group of animals or people to survive and be strong as a group.

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