03 Post Three: But First…City Widgets


A city, like a person, has a personality and begins to function like a person, after all a city is made Geru Talks and thinksup of people. Just like a person, a city has to grow and mature and learn to have a conscience and take care of its widgets, its Myself, its Me, and its I or Mr.Do.

Let me explain. A city’s Myself is the conglomeration of everyone. Lets say we pour  people into a giant baby. This is a new city without many rules or regs. Like an old Western Town it may be wild and silly. The town does not have a lot of resources and may depend on other mother cities for its livelihood.

Next we see the Town of Everywhere, on the right, provides food from the fields and clothes from the stores. These are the Myself of the City, they provide food and warmth, we could include shelter and medicine.

As the City grows it will start developing the Me. For the Upper Nature there is the TV station and other media such as newspapers and theaters that will help Ant and Bee look for objects and themes.

Macho scaredy-cat and loving Cuddles are in the green counseling office for helping others be better socialized or calm their fears.

The city’s Geru, the thinker, is the church and the red brick school.

Physical action is Rabbit and Turtle, here pointing to the Law or capital building that has pillars and also houses the police. They keep the boundaries of action clear and enforced.

The City Lower Nature’s Spiedie also points to the media, as they can tell facts or fictions. Greedy Raccoon is housed in the dark dive, the Tavern of indulgence. Crow has the light green novelty and modern age gadgets shop. And the aggressive Coyote is housed in the Factory, the factory that is run by the Town tycoon that aggressively pushes his wears onto the public or illegally to kids to sell in gangs. He is our main villain.

As our city is growing up it has to develop a conscience, a Mr.Do or a City ‘I’. Just as a teenager has to learn the difference between his Mr.Do and his Dragon and learn to choose Mr.Do over Dragon so does the consensus of everyone in the city, the gossip or buzz words of a city. As you see his Mr.Do is too small and his Dragon is too large. This is a young city that prides itself in teenage tomfoolery.

Finally we have the adult city where the I, Mr.Do favors the Upper Nature Widgets. Dragon and the Lower Nature widgets are smaller and kept mainly for unfair situations where Mr.Do can’t negotiate and therefore survival or high ethics are at stake. This may turn into a riot or demonstration. At a national level this could spell war. Yes a nation has a personality too.

The personality of a city, or nation, depends on the laws and organizations that help the citizens perceive, feel, think, and act functionally to the good of all.

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