05 Post Five: Chapter 2 The War Of Gadgets

GeruSitsGADGETS are things or substances that alter the way children see the world. Parents protect their children by inspecting and deciding if their children should have any particular gadget. But others have other ideas about that, they want to bi-pass the parents.

There is a war.  Larry’s Dad, the industrial tycoon, hunts for customers to sell the Gadget to.  By day the game of hunting is played in advertisements. When his Dragon inspires an advertisement it is designed to help the gadgets divide the family by encouraging the wrong loyalties, not mom or the family values but encourage rogue individualism by chasing away the fears that the gadget can be harmful.  They want the customers to see, want, think, and do things others or the family may not want them to or wants them to use it for the wrong purposes, or to use them too much.  Such conflicts take the joy out of work and play.  The game is to divide people and conquer or enslave them to the gadget.

A car drives by a billboard and the children whine, “Mom, we got to get the gadget.  Everyone has one and without supervision.  It’s better than homework.  No more homework.  Lets get it now or you are a bad mom.”

That did not go over well with mom.  She answered, “Do not believe everything you read. The Gadget is not the way to happiness.  Love is greater. The gadget addicts us and replaces healthy love and fears. The gadget can isolated us from others and waste our time, family life is chased away by the greed for the Gadget.”

You can not  always tell the enemy who sells hurtful gadgets from those  who protect you from them.  You can not tell until you know who hunts who.

The greedy Raccoon, below the sign, wanting things chases away Macho, the scaredy-cat, the fear of doing wrong, and Cuddles,the loving dog, who wants the best for others.

Rosy and Frank comment below, we will hear more from them.





01Rosy&Frank at Bil Board

01Rosy&Frank at Bil Boar02 R&F at Bill Board




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