06 Post Six: Chapter 3 Gang Wars

In the daytime, parents and others help keep you and your children safe.  They can stop you from being hurt.  Safety and love is the goal of parents for their schools and neighborhood.  In the day time gadget sellers and gangsters are better regulated from violence.  George’s Dad, the mayor, passed a law stating the Gadget is not to be sold to children without parental permission.

Larry’s Dad Forms Gangs

Larry’s father fights back deep in the factory by telling his son Larry and his gang, Ragde, Charlotte, and Destiny, to wage gang wars.

By night they play for blood.  Hidden by the night and less eyes to see them, they and other predatory people join in or encourage gang wars by buying their gadgets.  The gangs are the pirates of the sea of stuff.  They steal stuff to buy the gadget and sell the gadget to unsuspecting buyers.  They hunt down the innocent and the weak to sell them The Gadget.

Gang War

Gang members can’t choose to love or they would not be able to hunt and hurt.  They have to be tough and act out for revenge if anyone gets in their way. They learn to hate love and to love hate. They taunt each other and fight for their own territory to sell illegal gadgets and stuff.  There is no regulation for safety, and no retaliation but to fight.  They are Dragon’s delight.  To show off their toughness they fight, rumble, and hurt each other as they vie with the other gang to gain territory.

As I talk they are fighting in the last of the night’s darkness.  On Snob Hill, the hill we are on, kids are fighting Slob Hill kids, the hill opposite, over territory to sell The Gadget.  The sun is about to come up.

BJ In Danger

Wait, I see BJ, Larry’s little sister.  She is walking right in the middle of the fight.  Those Bullies will run right over her.  Oh no, here comes a bully now running right at her.  I have got to close my eyes; I can’t watch her get hurt.  No, wait, he is picking her up and running to the sidelines.  I am going to perch on the tree to listen in.

BJ, “How could you.  I came to get you.  You are fighting to sell gadgets aren’t you?”

Now there is a rare trait of humans.  Altruism, she is willing to risk getting hurt to help her cousin.

Cuz, “I am taking you to your Dad’s little Cuz.”

BJ, “I don’t want to.  I will just run back to Mom’s”

Cuz, “We will see, little Cuz.”

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