09 Post Chapter 6 Edgar, Ragde, and Molly

Edgar Yells To Bring BJ


Edgar yells, “Hay!  Bring BJ to us.”

Edgar, the little scientist who scopes the land and stars with his telescope, is sitting in the south end of the largest tree house.  He lives near Bird Lake.  His pets Ant and Bee help his large Ant and Bee Widgets see it all. Ant and Bee weave needles and honey to build nests and libraries of what they see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.  Edgar was looking through his telescope.  Ant and Bee nudge it so he is looking at a billboard about the Gadget.  The Gadget is the new rave of the community and quite a controversy.  Some say it’s the cat’s meow.  Others say it is harmful.

Animals shy away from the harmful, or they get hurt and die, or eaten by predators.  So do people.  But some people don’t know they are dead, the living dead, and that they are part of the dying end of society, like the gangs. That is where Cuz is. Meanwhile, Edgar has spied BJ and her cousin trekking up the hill.

Edgar, “Hay!,” he yells to them,  “I said bring BJ to us.”……

Cuz, “No way!” 

Edgar, “You are that kid that sells stolen Gadgets.  That’s two strikes against you.  You steal and sell those addictive Gadgets in that deceitful advertisement.”

In the other tree is his neighbor and anti-friend RAGDE the mad scientist who is jealous of Edgar. He wants what he wants when he wants it with out regard to anyone anywhere. His pet and enlarged Widget, that helps him deceive others, is ‘Spidie,’ who wants to catch Ant and Bed in his web of deception, and at times succeeds. He is spinning a web in Ant and Bee’s way right now. Ragde loves the Gadget. He wants it when he wants it without regard to anyone anywhere. His pet and enlarged Widget that helps him deceive others is ‘Spidie.’ Ragde loves the Gadget in a bad way.


Ragde & Spiedie

Ragde, “That is my father’s advertisement and he says the Gadget is good.”

Edgar, “Well, my father writes that the Gadget is dangerous.  Look how they fight over it.”

Molly insists, “Let BJ come here.”

Molly and Cuddles

BJ, Let me go, I love Molly and Cuddles.”

Cousin and BJ


Molly is a little girl after everyone’s heart.  She lives on Slob hill.  She is a moralist and tries to decipher good from bad.  To her everything is neutral and harmless unless a good or bad person uses it in a bad way.  She has taken it upon herself to decipher who is good or bad.  To do that she has to have a model of what people are all about, what their character or personalities are about.  She is sitting in the middle of the tree, which would be the base of the brain if a tree were a brain.  She likes to think of their tree, Edgar’s-Molly’s-Sue’s-George’s, as the Upper Nature or better part of the brain and the other’s tree, Ragde’s-Charlotte’s-Destiny’s-Larry’s, as a more primitive brain and Lower Nature.

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