10 Post Chapter 7 Molly, Charlotte, Sue, and Destiny

Cousin and Molly

Cuz, “No, you can’t have her I am going to give her to her Dad.”

Macho the scaredy-cat, who is afraid of most everything, is in the tree with Molly.

Macho & Molly

Cuddles, Molly’s other pet, is at the base of the tree.  Cuddles lights up Molly’s life with her never-ending love and enthusiasm.

Her shady friend and neighbor Charlotte is in the middle of the other tree, she too was in the factory room.  She and Raccoon, her selfish pet, wants a Gadget, NOW.   They want what they want and they want it NOW.  Raccoon hisses at Cuddles.

Charlotte, “Molly, you should get a gadget.  It would light up your life without Cuddles.”

Charlotte and Raccoon

Cuddles, Raccoon, and Charolette

Molly answers Charolette, “Raccoon is just too lazy to light up your life, and too aggressive to leave Cuddles alone.  And you and Cuz should leave BJ alone.”

Sue interjects, “It would be cruel to turn her over to her dad’s.  She lives with her mom and wants to stay there.”

Sue and Geru

Sue, that’s my pet and I am her’s.  She is right below me coming up. We live in Pleasant Valley.  Very much like me she wants to see it all and guide the others, create maps, so they don’t get lost or hurt.  She likes to map out how others think, or believe.  I help her as I can fly around and snoop. I am her main widget, Geru.  Who is going to think a bird can spy? I am going to fly over to BJ’s cousin and bomb dive his pocket where his gadget is.

Sue, “You would hurt her by taking her to her dad’s just so he will give you more stolen Gadgets to sell?”

Cuz, “I’ll give you a gadget just to keep you quiet and not tell her mom that I took her to her dad’s and Larry’s House.”

Geru dives for the Gadget but misses

Sue, “No, that would be betrayal to BJ.  She is our friend.”

Sue’s neighbors is Destiny and her pet is Crow.  Yes, you guessed it, they were in the factory room and want what they want and they want it NOW.   I and Crow with our pets sit on the top of our respective trees.  Destiny and her gang, in or near their tree, want Sue and I to talk George into going and buying a Gadget. But Sue’s mom says too much of the Gadget hurts people’s brain and I tend to believe her.

Crow and Destiny

Destiny: She laughs, “You are wasting your time and loyalty. We will win, we have Larry’s Dad on our side. You don’t have a ghost of a chance of getting BJ.”

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