11 Post Ten : Chapter 8 The Gadget Snatched

Geru Takes Gadget

Crow Takes Gadget

Crow flies and snatches the Gadget from the cousin’s pocket and dangles it in front of George’s eyes.  George likes to do things but often forgets to think about it first.

two post 10George, who lives next to the trees, is the owner of Turtle and Rabbit. George snatches the Gadget and turns it on.  Its varying lights glow in the last of the night’s darkness.  Ant and Bee fly over to look at it.  They land smack in the middle of Spiedie’s web.  Macho and Cuddles are mesmerized by the glow allowing Raccoon to get closer.  They do not even notice his approach.  I fly towards George to hit the off switch.  Crow stops me in mid-air with an upper cut to my beak and grabs the gadget dangling it in front of the kids.

Rabbit tries to jumps up and cut off the switch.  The aggressive Coyote corners Rabbit who can’t move.three post 10

Crow caws, “Turn it back on, and hurry.”

George looks around at his pet rabbit, and at his friends’ pets.  They were all immobilized and groggy from the light of the Gadget.  That is addiction.  If they spend all their time on the gadget their brains would stop seeing BJ’s plight.

George declares, “How can we sit and stare at the Gadget while BJ is being dragged off.  Give her to us now!”

Larry, (Coyote’s pet, BJ’s brother, and George’s neighbor), lurches forward, “No I am giving her to my father so he will give us a Gadget for stopping her from interfering with the gangs.”four post 10

BJ cried out, “He can’t make me stay.  I’ll run home to Mom.”

Macho began to get excited and scared.

Larry torts back, “Don’t be a fool, Dad is more powerful than mom.  Only by his grace do you get to live with her.  If you do not obey he will take you from her and that will hurt mom.”

“Then he is a tyrant,” she yelled back.

Macho fear and  energetic Rabbit began to get scared and excited.  This began an escalating number of events.  Things were about to get really out of hand. Remember widgets, the little creatures in our heads? They are in a dead lock. The Lower Nature and Upper Nature widgets are in a stale mate. This is about to change.

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