12 Post Chapter 9 Review of The Widgets

A Quick Review: Well, as you remember widgets are the replicas of the animals. The Widgets Ant and Bee like to observe and listen, Macho looks for danger and Cuddles loves, Geru like to fly above and see the bigger picture of the how and why of things, Turtle and Rabbit like to do things, one slowly and the other faster.  We call these widgets our Upper Nature, the part of human nature that likes to do good for others.  Mr. Do listens to them and tries to operate the body, Myself, by influencing the other widgets.

The Lower Nature is the part of human nature that can be selfish or fierce.  Spidie likes to lie and deceive others to get his way, Raccoon likes to scare Macho, stop Cuddles’s love, and blame others for his own doing. Crow thinks everything is mystical or only happens by luck, and Coyote can be a bully.  Dragon listens to them and tries to operate the body if he and his widgets can get control over Mr. Do and his widgets.

key post 11The animals themselves are reflections of their pets, the kids.  Edgar’s pet is Ant and Bee, both him and his pets like to observe things.  Edgar’s Ant and Bee widgets are more powerful than his other widgets in his head.  Ragde and his pet Spidie like to fool Ant and Bee and catch them in his web so they can not observe but listen to his wishes instead.  Ragde’s Spidie widget is stronger than the other widgets in his head.  In a normal human Mr. Do and crew rules most of the time and Dragon and gang only if needed. In a defensive personality the Lower Nature often rules if the lower nature widgets can get control.

The key above reminds you which kids, pet animals, and widgets go together and what they look like.

Individual people have widgets in their heads but groups of people share or combine Mr. Do Stops Dragontheir strongest widgets to make up a set of group widgets.  You will see  as I continue with our story.  The group widgets are in the two trees.  Mr. Do keeps Dragon from taking over Edgar, Molly, Sue and George.

But all this is about to change.


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