13 Post Chapter 10 Kids Take Off



Macho & Rabbit TwirlAs BJ yelled back to her brother Larry that their father could be a tyrant, Molly’s Macho fear widget and George’s energetic Rabbit widget started to jump up and down with fear and energy.  Rabbit joined hands with Macho and they began to twirl causing a whirlwind.

They SpunThey spun around so fast that the other ghostly widgets began to fly off.  Without his widgets Mr. Do was blind, had no feelings, was confused, and helpless.  He fell off the tree.  Dragon and the predatory widgets jumped in the main tree to rule and tell both the gangs what to do.

BJ began to cry as Larry demanded right now that she will go with him or he would BJ Began To Crypull her away.  Larry’s gang  approached the members of George’s gang to stop them from helping BJ.  They had anger and fighting on their minds.  Everyone was about to brawl and fight to the end.  What a useless activity.  Humans can waste so much time and effort on useless activities and do a lot of damage to themselves. I, and my widget self, and Sue yelled “STOP!”

The Good BookSue , “Lets go by the good book and settle this intelligently.  It says to get better advice.  Lets go ask our parents what to do.”

“Cuddles,” I yelled, “calm Macho by licking him. Turtle, grab Rabbit’s tail and slow him down.  Now push away Dragon and crew and get yourselves together.  That’s better.”

With that Mr. Do was back. It is amazing how easily a little bit of wisdom can help to calm all down so they can think better and put Mr. Do back in control, or I should say, all of us work as a team.  If only we could get Larry’s gang and widgets to be part of our team and not bully. We would be dynamite.

George calmly placed a hand on Larry separating him for BJ.  “We will all fight for BJ by George Separates Larryasking our parents to intervene!”

To The BikesAll us Upper Nature pets rushed over to the bicycles near by.  Our kids got the hint, snatched BJ, and we were soon on our way to check with their parents what we could do to help her.  The other kids grabbed their bicycle and were in hot pursuit.

Cuz headed the other direction to the Grandparents to get advice on how to get BJ back to return her to her fathers.

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