14 Post Chapter 11 Cuz’s Call to Adventure


Go Out With Me

Go Out With Me

On his way to see Grandma Rosy, he sees the girl of his dreams. To Him she is intelligent and beautiful. He finds a rose-tree near by and picked one for her. He asks her for a date. She refuses him.

Lucy:  “I was near by when you saved BJ. That tells me you have a heart. I do not want to date you because you do not always allow your heart to guide you. You want to take BJ to her Father knowing he is rough on her.”

Cuz: “But she needs to be tough or she can not survive in this world. She needs to love hate and hate love. Then she can survive.”

Lucy: “You need to rethink your philosophy. I can not live with it. I love ‘love’ and hate ‘hate’. Our friendship would not last with your attitude.”

Cuz: “But I am happy with fighting, I love the adrenaline. And I get my joy out of the gadget. You should accept that.”

Lucy: “I can’t be with someone who puts the Gadget before Love. You need to grow up. You have a good heart. Let it shine.”

She left as he scratched his head. He watched her disappear and headed on to Grandma to get help getting BJ back to give to her dad and advice on how to win over Lucy.






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