16 Post Chapter 13 Cuz Leaves GM’s



Cuz left, he did not know what to do, he wanted to do what was right but he was afraid of Larry’s dad. He loved the fight and high it gave him. But alas, he loved Lucy too and wanted a family of his own. It was not easy to grow up and in such a fast way. He went to the hill and seen the kids on their bikes going into the TV station.  

“Could it be,” he thought, “that my childhood is biasing me. I was not always told the truth so I didn’t know how to view life, I was afraid of my dad and my parents did not always show their love, the only belief system I was taught was to do to others before they do to me, and Dad was addicted to substances.”

He turned and yelled to the sky, “Consciousness, tell me what to do!”

Consciousness appeared in the sky riding on Cuz’s Myself in the form of a horse.

BikesTakeOff01 copy

Mr Do, Consciousness whined, “I don’t know what to do as long as you are like this horse that does not listen to me. I am weak because you are all about fun and destruction. Dragon and crew pin you down, even your own Macho fear and energetic Rabbit helps them. Until we strengthen all the other Upper Nature widgets, calm Macho, and redirect Rabbit we are unable to fight Dragons.”

“Maybe GM is right,” thought Cuz, “I just don’t know.  Perhaps I have not grown up. Perhaps I do not know how others feel. After all I failed to win over Lucy. OK Grandma, I am going to each of the parents of the kids, I will follow behind them and see what they say so I know what to do.”



Ant spoke up and said, “Gather as much information as you can.”

“Bee interjected with, “I’ll look for patterns, then we can tell the other widgets what is going on so they can judge emotions and plan what Rabbit should be doing. Mean while, be weary of what Spiedie says or you will be fooled by Dragon and crew.”

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