17 Post Chapter 14 KIDS Seeking Help With Media

Down To TV

Down the hill we barreled and south we flew to Edgar’s father’s place of work, the TV and newspaper office.  We filed in at record speed with Larry and gang behind us.

They went into the TV room where Edgar’s father sat.  If you used your imagination you could see his number one widget was Ant.  Edgar blurred out the story to his father behind the desk and asked if he could write a story about BJ’s dilemma.

His father, with a very sad and pensive face, nods no.  “I can not do that as I would lose my job.  Larry’s dad is our biggest customer and the TV and advertisement business would fail without his business.”I Can Not Help

Larry behind him smirks as does Ragde’s father sitting behind the other desk.

“Did you like my advertisement for the Gadget?” Ragde’s father proudly muttered.  With imagination you could see his main widget was Spidie.

Molly looked him square in the face and retorted, “If you were to take off the cobwebs hiding the rest of the billboard you would see kids in the background all lonely and rejected by their addiction to the Gadget.”

Undeterred by his words they spun off to town where Molly’s mom was a counselor. Surely she would give them more hope.

They Spun Off Molly’s mom’s main widget was a loving Cuddles.  They barged into her agency and into her office where she was puzzling over some papers.

“Mom,” Molly sputtered out, “can you help BJ go home to her mother’s and not be taken to her fathers? She would only be punished for not letting her cousin fight over territory to sell stolen Gadgets?”

“I would if I could,” she quietly replied as if she were tied up to her chair.  “But the police will not do anything to help us.  He has custody and he will just go pick her up at her mother’s.  If I take her I I Would If I Couldwould be charged with kidnapping.”

The kids thanked her and filed out to the bikes. Larry, who was again right behind them again smirked, “Told you so.  People can only act on the feelings my dad allows.”


Cuz had made it to the TV station and learned what the kids had. That Spiedie ruled, the truth would not get out, the truth that over indulging in the Gadget was hurting kids and they were loosing their empathy for others.

As he was about the leave Edgar’s father said, “Seek the truth, look around and decide for yourself if you can tell the truth to others without endangering yourself. It can be scary.”

As he left the building and headed out after the kids and BJ he felt empowered to tell the truth. He looked in the sky and his Ant And Bee widgets had grown along with Mr. Do his conscience. He gazed into the sky and he could see that Spiedie, Dragon and Macho fear had shrunk a little and Ant, Bee, and Mr Do had grown a bit. And Myself, the horse had gotten one leg free.

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