18 Post Chapter 15 Counselor

Kids Go To Counselor

Kids Go To Counselor

Undeterred by his words they spun off to town where Molly’s mom was a counselor. Her main widget was a loving Cuddles. They barged into her agency and into her office where she was puzzling over some papers.

“Mom,” Molly sputtered out, “can you help BJ go home to her mother’s and not be taken to her fathers to be punished for not letting her cousin fight over territory to sell stolen Gadgets?”

“I would if I could,” she quietly replied as if she were tied up to her chair. “But the police will not do anything to help us. He has custody and he will just go pick her up at her mother’s. If I take her I Could be charged with kidnapping. Then I could not help others.”

Molly's Mom

Molly’s Mom

The kids thanked her and filed out to the bikes. Larry snatched his sister and they took off saying, “Told you so. People can only act on the feelings my dad allows.”

Cuz went to Molly’s mom, the counselor and she explained what she had told the children.

Cuz and CounselorBut she told him, “Strive to save BJ rather than return her to her father. Empathy not fear should prevail. We need heroes to advance the cause.”



Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 12.34.45 PMDetermined to be a hero Cuz left the counselor with more love in his heart. He looked into the sky and seen Cuddles and Mr Do had grown. Perhaps he soon would be able to be Free of his Lower Nature’s grip. But no, not much other had changed. Myself did not yet have another foot free. Dragon was taking another breath to blow his fire. Maybe the next stop would help more. Off to Charlette’s mother’s Dive.

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