19 Post Chapter 16 Kids Seek Help at the Dive


As the kids started off towards town the shadow of Larry and gang with BJ appeared above. It was a reminder to Cuz that he had better act right or BJ would go to her fathers.

They Grabed BJ and off to Charlotte's Mom's Dive

They Grabed BJ and off to Charlotte’s Mom’s Dive

Larry exclaims loudly, “We got her now and we are going to go ask Charlotte’s mother what she thinks.”

Off they all spun to town to the Dive.  Larry and Gang had BJ and Larry raised her up to taunt George and his gang who where racing behind for fear of loosing BJ.

They could not enter the Dive because they were minors and  not allowed. That was a reminder that the Dive was not healthy or safe. They all crowded around the door and windowsThey Could Not Enter as Charlotte relayed their story and asked what they should do.

Charlette’s mother and everyone in the shop raised their drinks and shouted, “Glory to Larry’s Father, give her back.”

Larry’s Father is the one who sells them their drinks so George and his gang did not expect any sympathy. Their loyalties were not loving, this was Raccoon’s domain

They All Shout

They All Shout

When Cuz arrived the kids had gone. Inside the people were still cheering Larry’s Dad.


Cuz stood the door as they told him he was a wimp and as afraid of Larry’s Dad as any of them. They laughed at his attempt to be a hero. As he turned to go Charlotte’s Mother was a little encouraging when she said, “A hero’s courage is to do what’s right in spite of fear.”

He thought about that. At first he wanted to give up and go home and forget about BJ. But then he was determined to continue in spite of his fear. He was more determined than before. Pumped up he looked into the sky at his widgets.


Cuddles and Mr. Do had grown more. Raccoon and Dragon had shrunk a little and Dragon had not breathed fire. Myself the horse had gotten another foot loose. Encouraged Cuz head off after the kids.



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