20 Post Chapter 17 Seeking Help With Church and Arcade

Off They Sped

The kids had sped again, this time  to the Church where Sue’s father preached.  They paraded into his sanctuary.  People were there but Sue felt an urgency to help BJ.

Edgar held up BJ, and Sue, in front of everyone,  blurted out, “Dad, give BJ protection here from Larry’s dad.”

They relayed their story to him and the whole congregation.  He took a deep breath followed by a long sigh.  Everyone was waiting

They Told Their Story

They Told Their Story

for his answer.  But like the others he has to go by the book.

“The church and state have been separated,” he said, “It would be considered kidnapping.”

Larry and gang, still behind them, laughed.

“My dad rules,” he shouted at the back of the line.

The kids had barely sped off on their bikes when Cuz arrives at the church to confront the preacher, Sue’s dad, about the lack of courage if they did not keep BJ from Larry.


ChurchCUZCuz from the door asked if they had kept BJ? The preacher explained that they could not as it would be kidnapping.

Cuz sunk his head and told them they were weak with no courage.

The preacher patiently explained, “We can only give information to the public not interfere with the law.”

Cuz asked him for advice.

He replies,  “Search for truth in the good book. Forgive those who hurt you or control. Do what is needed to help BJ. We like sheep have gone astray.”

A small voice in the audience says to him, “A wise man said the weak shall win, as they see life requires family, true love, and a purpose to know what to do. Believing in Micky Mouse or gangs does not give you what it takes to do what is right. You are in the best position to help BJ not us. We will pray for you.”

Cuz left not knowing what to believe. The church, he thought, is made only made up of people like me. They have to watch, feel, to see what to believe and plan to do.

Cuz decided he will He will forgive his father for being ignorant but he did not want to be so ignorant himself. He will try harder. His dad had never gone on a quest. He thanked Lucy for inspiring him and Grandma for helping him understand better. He decided he would not be so ignorant as his father was and that he would have empathy for BJ and be willing to die for her if necessary. Love would not make him weaker but make him brave.


Meanwhile, elated with the response of the Dive the kid’s head off for Destiny’s parent’s Arcade. Larry again reminded them all that his father rules the town. With BJ they ran into the arcade and crammed around Destiny as she relayed the story to her mother behind the counter.

“Luck of the draw, you got her, you keep her,” tortes her mom.  “Losers Weepers finders keepers.”

15-01This had to be Crows world as there was no logic, just odd thinking.  George took the opportunity to grab BJ repeating, “loser’s weepers, finders keepers.”

Out the door they all ran as Larry spouted, “You can’t keep her, my dad is bigger than your Dad and he has all the power.”

“Well we will see,” answered George, “there is a town meeting and my dad and your dad is there.  Lets go see who has the power, after all my dad is the mayor.”

Off they rode on their bikes with George’s bike in front with BJ and Larry’s bike in hot pursuit.   

Cuz arrived at the Arcade where he had spent many hours in the past playing games.









When he asked Destiny’s mother what he should do she said, “Are you not loyal to your gang? BJ interfered with the gang fight and she will have to live with the consequences. She brought it on herself. Do not expect any sympathy. Life is just luck of the draw.”

Cuz felt upset at her response. Their loyalties did not include love and concern for BJ’s lot in life, this was truly Raccoon and Crows domain.


He decided he would not believe their advice. He wanted to believe in something better, something that gave him hope to help BJ. He was weak but he did not have to believe in weak solutions. He decided to not give up but to be a hero. He looked into the sky and noticed Geru had grown along with Cuddles, Mr Do, and himself, the horse. Three legs were freed. Dragon and crow had shrunk. Rabbit and Coyote were left. But, he though, “I need to have energy and anger to win this battle. I need my lower nature to be stronger to wage battle. Why is Coyote stopping me?”

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