21Post Chapter 18 Cuz Weakens and Looses His Bravery

As he and the kids had returned to the hill the kids were going down the other side to the City Hall where George’s and Larry’s fathers were. This would be the final decision to be made and the Kids were afraid they would lose to Larry’s Dad.


He looked up into the sky and the City Widgets had the city like a horse stretched out by Dragon and Crew just as his Myself had been. They and the Kids were dependent on him. The large Dragon was attacking him and his own Coyote and Rabbit still had a grip on his foot. He had to buckle up or let them return to their weak state instead of growing further. Fear gripped him.

As Cuz looked down at City Hall he became scared, he had second thoughts. Larry’s Dad would be at the meeting. He looks up at his Widgets. He is so close to freeing himself from the grip of fear. What will his gang members think, what will all the people who follow Larry’s dad think? They seem to be in the majority. If he fails to get BJ back to return to her mother’s the majority of people will make fun of him and the people who would have or could have helped him but only urged him on will be disappointed in him. How could not win.


As the City Dragon and widgets  approach his widgets he see’s that his widgets are again weak and he is in a bind. His Dragon shoots fire but in vain. The gadget and adrenaline high called to him to return to his gang. He blamed Lucy for lack of manhood, as he is now soft. Love softened him. He now feared love and its vulnerability, he wants to return to the obscure safety of the streets. He remembers Grandma’s words, ‘You are not tough, it’s a war, you are a soldier, a victim of human trafficking.’ He sits down and cries.

He wanted his love for BJ to subdue his fear. But how? His Rabbit whispered ‘Just Do It’ but his fear yelled ‘NO.’


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