22 Post Chapter 19 City Hall



Off they rode on their bikes. George’s bike was in front with BJ and Larry’s bike was in hot pursuit.

Animals in a herd follow what the leader says. The true leader of a herd is the oldest female who knows where the most food is because she has lived the longest and fed the most youngsters.  Her son then acts like the leader to protect her.  He must be kind and gentle or the herd will chase him off.  That describes George’s father.  Kind and gentle and he listens to others to see what they need.

That is unless the pack of predators is at his heels.  Then he must fight them off to save the others. That look of do or die was on his face as he approached his son George, holding BJ with the other kids around him. George pleaded with his dad to help return BJ to her mothers so she would be loved and not have to sell Gadgets.

15 03“There is a town meeting about to start” he calmly uttered.  “It is an open forum to discuss the impact of the Gadget on our community.  Stay here  with me.”

The great hall was full of community people.  This is where Rabbit, the doer, gets things done and Turtle gives him patience to do so. The symbol was on the building.

LawJusticeDragon copy

Above the meeting hall in ghostly form I could see the widgets of the group.  Just like the City’s widgets they had a Mr.Do and the Upper Nature widgets.  They were small and held down by their large Dragon and Lower Nature crew. The Dragon was intimidating the communal widgets of Edgar, Molly, Sue, and George.



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