23 Post Chapter 20 BJ And Her Father

Larry's Dad Spied His Daughter

Larry’s Dad Spied His Daughter

Larry’s dad spied BJ and came over to her and said, “you must go home with me after the meeting to live until you can learn to obey.”  His large figure was frightening to her as her heart shrunk deep into her chest.

George’s father started the meeting by tell the crowd they could ask question about the Gadget and their concerns on how it is affecting the community.  Various people got up and in their turn expressed concerns that the Gadget was too addictive and that the sale of it was too wide-spread.  The brave ones said they felt their husbands and children were neglecting their daily tasks in order to play with it.


The Macho widget of the crowd was getting agitated and their Geru widget was flying around to get a better view. Fear was growing as they kept their eyes on Larry’s Dad.

Larry’s dad blurred, “What is wrong with you people, the Gadget has nothing to do with how you use it.  Be careful and monitor your children.  Don’t blame me.  It is the duty of you to use it properly or not to buy it and not to let your children buy it.”



Larry’s Dad and Gang’s Dragon had reared its ugly head as the audience Macho and Rabbit widgets started to twirl.  The crowd was getting agitated at him and wanted to fight but where afraid of making a scene.  As they stood frozen in silence the Dragon of those who sold Gadgets at night and fought each other was pushing down the crowd’s Mr. Do backed down.  They feared the gangs would fight them also.

BJ’s little widgets stood whirling on her head.  Her little dragon

BJ's Macho Widget Twirls

jumped up on her head ready to fight the evil dragon of the perpetrators.  She had gotten on the table and ran to the edge and yelled at her father,“You make kids steal and sell the Gadget behind the people’s backs.  I hate you and I will not live with you.  You can not make me do it.”


He quickly contorted back with a much bigger Dragon, “That’s preposterous. It is only your word against mine.”

“Sit down,” he yelled, “I will deal with you later.”

His dragon was sitting on his head and even though no person could see it their widgets seen it and coward down.

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