25 Post Chapter 22 It May Never End But Individuals Are Happier

Larry’s dad’s Crow said, “Money, man, money before pride, do nothing. Like all predators, there is a time when  you are beaten and you must withdraw and rethink your next move.”

He Did Not Dare

He Did Not Dare

Larry’s dad did not dare to defend himself or the crowd would respond with disgust.  He dared not admit to anything or again they would not buy his gadgets.

Larry’s Dad dropped his head in submission.  Animals that no longer want to fight lay on their back.  They could easily be gutted out.  This stops the other animals.  With his submission the crowd settled down.  They did not want to be angry anymore.

As his hard stance started to weaken BJ’s mother arrived and gently led her off the stage as she hugged her tightly.  Larry and gang walked out behind her.UN complete copy

Cuz’s Mr. Do again appeared with widgets intact and his Myself, the horse, was free and glowing.  His Dragon had shrunk and withdrawn with his widgets and the meeting went on.  Cuz felt like a Hero. He accomplished his task without using his Dragon, and his Dragon could not stop him. He was feeling good about him self when he looked up and to his surprise…..


Lucy in the crowd decided Cuz had changed his attitude. And her interest has changed.

There would be no definitive peace, just an easing of the trouble the gangs caused. Dragons and their widgets can not be eliminated.  At times Mr. Do can not protect itself without its Dragon.  Dragons must be tolerated but never given true control over all the widgets or the Dragons would kill each other.  Mr. Do in the long run must protect Dragon for his own defense.  So this story and ones like it never end but individuals can be saved.

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Dragon Withdrew

Predators are always there to take advantage of the community animal.  They only die down when the community animal is very vigilant and watching out for all of the predators moves.  Their Ants and Bees must be busy, they must work for the good of all, and analyze what needs to happen next.  Then they must take action.  Sometimes in humans it is the children that help balance out the widgets to help Mr. Do.  War is not a way of life that works well.  The crowd knew this and withdrew their snarling.  It is the nature of all animals to live and let live or we would all destroy each other.

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