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I’m Geru, the thinking widget in your brain and your guide. Our primitive genetics are lost in the city. They try to help us survive but often create devastating results. FIRST, Psychotoons will look at this perplexing dilemma. I will list reasons for this. The blog will present a story to show how this looks from a personal and public view. SECOND, below is a quick key to the main characters, their pets, and corresponding widgets that will help us on the quest to personal and social power. THIRD, Post One  will try to give you a better idea how widgets make up different personalities, Rosy’s and Frank’s, which are opposite personalities. Rosy and Frank are the Grandparents of two of the main  children characters. Post Two will show how the city’s personality is formed and as such can interact with the personality of people. FOURTH,  the  story will begin.


INSTINCTS HAVE NO LIMITS: Insects and Animals depend on instincts to act. But instincts have no ceilings telling them when to stop or when not to be used, the environment stops the use or encourages the use of the instinct by death or the reward of pleasure.  A male bird will find pleasure in a female with large healthy wings, an instinct  to value strong wings as strong wings are very important for survival. But in an artificial environment where the females, unknown to the males, are models, the males will pick the female that has such large wings they are unrealistic. Sound familiar with humans? Humans without setting limits have such large bank accounts or huge addictions that they become unrealistic, or non functional, or a burden. There is also an instinct to find satisfaction now, within a very short time,  a dog will grab the grub before another dog does. That leaves little time to figure out what is the best thing to do. If such an instinct is a burden to interpersonal relationships we call it greed.

HUMANS HAVE MORE  INSTINCTS AND INVENTIONS THAN ANIMALS: To live in a large variety of environments more and more instincts are needed. Humans have more instincts than animals. Our big brains make that possible by learning which instincts work realistically in which environments. Well, usually, but as the environments began to change by human invention, such as reading, writing, machines, cities, nations, technology, or drugs our instincts were getting punished or rewarded when it was unrealistic. By unrealistic I mean not conducive to survival. Kids may hate to read but find pleasure in drugs. Not good choices in today’s society.

TOO MANY CHOICES: There are now so many choices that it takes 20 to 30 years to prepare our young to make wise choices. Many will say it takes a lot longer if ever. Also, our brains were designed to live in small communities of one or two hundred. Rarely do we have more than a handful of close friends and less than a hundred acquaintances that we know well enough to trust. Yet we are dependent on thousands to eat, sleep, and meet our needs. Mom and Dad were somewhat democratic and looked out for us as we grew, but how many others even know we exist, more or less look out for us. They are going by their instinct of act now or loose out. Even if they stop to think they are not sure what they should think.

WE HAVE TO IMPROVE ON OUR FOUR STAGES OF THE BRAIN: With more wrong choices then right ones how do we humans ever make it. We have to have a sharp brain to stop and think and resist instant satisfaction in order to make the right decisions. The brain goes through four stages, we perceive the environment, fear or love it, decide how to proceed from beliefs and experience, then the fourth stage we do it according to our talents, skills, habits, and addictions. Not only do we need to be informed and up to date on all four stages , we have to learn how to sharpen them to understand the environment and information. We also need to balance them so they compliment each other, wisdom helps perception, wisdom and ability to love the right things for the right reasons, and in the most appropriate way to have happiness and success in love, and the wisdom to obtain the right habits.  Then we can have the best possible strength for personal power for who we are, and continue to grow.

INSTINCTS, EXPERIENCES, BELIEFS, AND ACTIONS CREATE PERSONALITY: We are all born with different strengths and talents for these four stages and this gives us each distinct and different personalities. But our personalities are also determined or refined by learned abilities. Our thinking adds more possibilities to our personal power as does our actions and freedom from addictions. Even if we are dismal failures we can strengthen these steps to have more personal power. If we understand the stages we can begin to assess others and their personality strengths and weaknesses and better begin to meet their needs giving us social or people power. If we extend our insights to a group of people or a city and its institutions, that reflect the personalities of the people who create them, we begin to have more wisdom as to how to help a group or a city, or a nation, or the world in general.

SECOND, below is a key to the main characters and widgets, I am one widget among 11, but we only fill the four mentioned positions. These four positions are:  Perception, Emotions, Thinking, and Action. They are based on the four stages of the brain mentioned above. But, there is an Upper (good, altruistic) Nature and a Lower (fight or flight for survival) Nature. So there are two sets of the four stages. The kids, their pets, and the subsequent widget (or simplified cartoon version of the pets) are found in the brain) and are seen below next to the stage they represent. The Upper Nature characters are on the left and Lower Nature Characters are on the right. Mr. Do is our consciousness and officiates over the Upper Nature and Dragon is more of an alter ego or subconscious and officiates over the Lower Nature. More about them and all the others later. Just get a feel for the characters for now.


THIRD, Post One and Two will begin with the BLOG POSTS, link above, after this brief message below.


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